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Rules for under-occupancy in social housing have recently come into force as part of the ongoing Welfare Reform programme. You may have heard about 'The Bedroom Tax' or 'spare room subsidy' or 'Under-occupancy Rules' and want to know more.

Find out how these changes affect you, particularly if you are reliant on housing benefit to pay your rent, and what you can do to beat the tax and cover the shortfall. If you want to stay in your own home, and be able to earn some extra income, this will be a particularly useful guide for you.

Download our free Social Tenant's Guide to Taking in a Lodger which answers all of these questions and more:-

  • What are the changes to Housing Benefit?
  • When do the Under-occupancy Rules come into effect?
  • What is the Bedroom Tax and how will it affect me?
  • How can I cover the shortfall?
  • Is renting a room to a lodger an option?
  • How will it work?
  • Will I get to keep all the extra income?

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