Lodger Packs for live in landlords


If you're renting out a room in your home you need to make sure you've covered all your bases before you let a lodger move in. To help you get prepared, we've put together a handy Lodger Pack which gives you everything you need to prepare for and find a lodger, and saves you 25% off the items when you buy as a package.

The Lowdown

Packed with expertise and guidance for live-in-landlords, The Essential Guide to Flatsharing tells it how it is when you take in a lodger. Written by SpareRoom's Founder, Rupert Hunt, and director Matt Hutchinson, the book shares insights into handling everything you're likely to come across when you take in a lodger. From how to handle deposits to dealing with tax issues, reading the book is one of the best ways to get prepared.

The Legalities

Having a lodger in your house is different from renting a property to regular tenants. For starters, you don't use a tenancy contract but a licence agreement.

We've bundled together all the documents you'll need to start your lodger relationship off on the right foot, including a Lodger Agreement, Inventory and deposit documentation as well as a notice to quit, should you need to use it.


The Letting

Finding a lodger shouldn't be about accepting the first person who comes along and offers you some rent. It's about finding the right person who fits with your personal circumstances and lifestyle - you'll be sharing your home with them, after all. That's why we include Bold Advertising Until Let in our Lodger packs. This means you don't have to rush to accept the first one who comes along, but can keep your advert up and make it free for all to contact, so you don't miss out on your perfect lodger. 'Until Let' means just that - if you don't find the lodger you're looking for in the first three months, we'll extend your ad until you're successful. Terms and conditions apply.

Get all this for just £38. (RRP for items priced individually - over £50)

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