The Essential Guide to Flatsharing, written by SpareRoom's Rupert Hunt and Matt Hutchinson, is published by How To Books on June 26th. The book contains a wealth of information on flatsharing in the UK, including chapters on:

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  • Types of let available
    A look at the main types of flatshare and what the major differences between them are.
  • How (and where) to look for a flatshare
    Tips on finding the right flatshare for you, including how to work out what your perfect flatshare is.
  • Finding a flatmate
    Where and how to look for a new flatmate, what to ask and how to advertise your room.
  • Lodgers
    Information on taking in a lodger, how to prepare and what kind of contracts you need.
  • The language of flatsharing
    A look at the jargon you'll find in adverts and contracts and what it all means in plain English.
  • Living together
    Advice on co-existing to make sure your flatshare is a happy and harmonious one. Includes tips on managing conflict.
  • Finance and bills
    Information and advice on where all the money goes in a flatshare and how to divide up shared bills so everything gets paid and no-one ends up out of pocket.
  • Contracts, rights and agreements
    A detailed look at all the bits of paper you'll be asked to sign and what they all mean. Includes advice on tenancy agreements, deposits, inventories and eviction.
  • Flatshare in London
    London is a huge flatshare market in its own right - around half of the total market in the UK. This chapter looks at finding a flatshare and living in London, especially useful for anyone new to the capital.
  • Staying safe
    Advice on staying safe online in your search for the perfect flatshare.