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Communal house seeks friendly human house share

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We are 3 friends: Will (31), Ellie (30) (partners), and Gabriel (32), and we are commencing search for a new house-friend to move into a house with.

The housing situation:

We are looking for a 4 bed house with a garden to rent in Fishponds, Eastville, Easton or St George. We're looking to be moving as soon as possible but we're not going to rush into anything. We're all in the lucky position of not having to move out by a certain date and we want to make sure we find the right house and people. For that reason this probably wouldn't suit someone who has a deadline. Our maximum budget would be around £400 each, although hopefully lower as having a couple brings down the rent slightly!

It will be a house of 5 total (eventually)- the plan is to find someone now to join us in the search and securing of the house, and to then search together for a 5th person to join afterwards.

**We'll get the Covid statement out of the way**
Although we are respectful of the ever-changing rules, this house wouldn't suit someone who is being extra careful or needing to shield**

General house ethos/how we want to live:

We can sum it up in one word: communal. We understand the word "communal" has different definitions for people, so we want to be clear on ours, and hopefully the below essay can shed a little light on how we live and attract the right people. If you're still interested then read further :D.

We are looking for people who would like to share dinners together in the evening and cook communally - we take it in turns each night to cook for the house (if you've not done it before or it sounds daunting don't worry! It basically means you cook on only 1 night on a weekday and the rest of the time you just get dinner served to you!). It's a really lovely way of ending your day- getting to come home to sit down to eat lovely food together :)

We don't live in each other's pockets, and we all have our own social lives and commitments outside of the house, (and of course sometimes have the need for restorative downtime alone) but on the whole we are a social bunch and believe our home is our family and take time to nurture a happy home environment and support one another in this crazy world.

We try to live in an environmentally low impact way as possible, so we don't really have any harsh cleaning chemicals, try to be mindful of waste we produce, and generally just keeping those kinds of choices in check.

During weeknights we are really chilled. We each have some commitments during the weekday evenings but make time for the house and to be around at home so it doesn't feel like passing ships in the night. We generally have our rooms for sleeping - we don't hang out in them - and weekday evenings are usually spent eating together, chatting, crafting, pottering about, gardening, watching a film together, BOARD GAMES, or a swifty at the pub. We all work full time and are respectful of each other's schedules and bedtimes.

During the weekends we are quite active and enjoy gigs/nights out/pubs/dinners with friends/cycling trips. We occasionally have a house party, but these are pre-planned and we are definitely not a household who always brings the party back.

We buy wholesale from Essential Food Cooperative and get a weekly veg box (supplemented by allotment produce), which we split evenly as a household. We're vegetarian so our communal meals are all vegetarian (also happily vegan).

Who we're looking for:

We're looking for someone 30+ who likes the sound of the above! Someone down-earth and easy-going and a good sense of humour.. basically just an all-round nice human being. Of course no-one knows what the future holds, but we're seeking someone who has the desire to stay put for a while and also sees the value in living in communal house-shares.

Because we have dinner together in the evenings, we're looking for someone who has a similar work schedule. (Regular Monday-Friday working hours).

Gabriel has a dog and Ellie occasionally get the opportunity to foster dogs/cats/small birds/hedgehogs through work so someone who isn't afraid of/allergic to them! Is it discriminatory to say someone who cycles?? Because if you don't then, how do you get to the pub..? Or...anywhere..?

About us!

Ellie works at a vets and is studying to become a vet nurse. Ellie is wandering why she's writing in 3rd person but will continue anyway... Ellie enjoys cycling lots but for some reason has 3 bikes when she doesn't know how to fix them. She likes to go on camping trips with her bike with everything including the kitchen sink strapped to the back. Her favourite board game is Catan. She shares an allotment with Will and a friend and loves (trying) to grow things. She likes swimming in rivers and the sea, but only when it's cold or bad weather. She has a surf board which of late seem to be functioning more as a room divider, although she does try to take Maude (the board) out for a flail every couple of months or so. She loves a pub more than all of the above.

Will is also here in the 3rd person. Did you know you can write "will" 5 times and it makes a sentence? Will, will Will will Will? For that and other "interesting facts" get in touch now! Will works for a news/media co-operative and volunteers at the Bristol Bike Project. He loves cycling and camping (especially combined) and gigs and nights out, and playing football, and board games and the pub (ohh the pub). He is a programmer who thinks (knows) computers have ruined the world.

Gabriel works at an independent gallery/workshop as a jewellery maker. She loves cooking up wholesome nourishing food, growing vegetables here, there and anywhere possible. She has an interest in sewing threads, singing harmonies (has also just joined a choir) and rambling forays - even better if camping among the nature and being around the warmth of a fire!

Although familiar with Bristol, Gabriel has been living rurally for the last 3 years and is looking forward to moving back with curiosity to the bustle of creativity that Bris offers, and cycling about with her dog in tow. Hopefully you’ll like dogs - Ottie is a gentle ginger shadow, very quiet, sweet and playful and looking forward to greeting all the fellow house folk with her excited wiggly head in the mornings as they come down the stairs!

If you're interested please write to us! Please write lots about yourself - the more information the better :) We really don't mind reading through essays as it's important we find a good fit. We'll be in touch to organise to come round for dinner or pint in the pub so we can meet and talk :)

Thanks for taking the time to read.
Lots of love from Will, Ellie and Gabriel.

  • House share
  • Bristol
  • BS5
  • £400 pcm (double)


Minimum term
6 months
Maximum term

Extra cost

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Disabled access
Living room

Current household

# housemates
Total # rooms
30 to 32
Any pets?
music, cooking, socialising, cycling, swimming, pubs, gardening, outdoors, board games, camping, relaxing, adventures, vegetarian, the environment, game nights
2 Females, 1 Male

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