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Greycoat Gardens - St James Park Flat Share

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Living London provides Landlords with long-term guaranteed income tenancies and the property returned in as good or better state at the tenancy end. For most landlords tenancies can be something of a lottery: occasional rental arrears, general wear and tear, regular maintenance costs and from time to time a disappearing tenant all amount to costly hassle. Perfect tenants come along only rarely. By removing all these concerns Living London IS THE IDEAL TENANT and will ensure a tenancy is as close to perfect as possible!


Living London IS the ideal tenant. With Living London as a tenant the usual landlord concerns no longer exist. All occupant contact is handled by Living London and Living London alone is responsible to the Landlord for all tenancy matters. As a result typical Landlord irritants are do not arise. Living London will:

? NEVER fall into rental arrears ? NEVER leave the Landlord with repairs and renewals ? NEVER abscond without notice ? NEVER allow those unknown to live in the property

Living London provides complete Landlord comfort and security. Living London pays the full rent on the first day of each month. Living London is meticulous when sourcing the very best occupants by means of personal interviews and stringent professional vetting, or by selecting those already well known to Living London. Living London?s continuous property monitoring ensures that the usual tenancy uncertainties do not occur. Living London?s in-house and instant-response Maintenance Team provides a unique service: minor maintenance is carried out instantly and at no charge while larger issues are referred to the Landlord or Managing Agent. The Cleaning Team is also in-house, and looks after weekly cleaning and weekly property checks. As a result there are NO end-of-tenancy cleaning or damage issues! Living London generates a logical positive upward cycle: properties are carefully selected and well cared for; occupants are carefully selected and provided with a first rate service. This makes for a happy house which is treated with respect; occupants take pride in their home and look after it. The immaculate condition of every Living London property throughout the tenancy is a testament to Living London?s all-encompassing attentive and professional approach.


? The Living London Rental Payment Guarantee ? rent paid in full to Landlord on the 1st of every month ? Living London Complimentary Property Furnishing Service ? properties stylishly furnished where required and costs met by Living London ? HMO registration and compliance can be organised by Living London by agreement ? licence is personal and can be rescinded ? Living London in-house Maintenance Team provide complimentary minor maintenance ? Living London in-house professional Cleaning Team visit properties every week ? Weekly property inspection reports ? Regular professional gardening service ? Living London recommend organising a British Gas Service Agreement at Landlord cost ? Living London looks after all matters relating to occupants ? no Landlord involvement ? The Living London Property Return Guarantee ? property returned in the same or better condition LIVING LONDON - LANDLORD FAQs ? Type of Occupancy ? ?Is this arrangement sub-letting?? The Housing Act, all forms of Tenancy Agreement and English Common Law all prohibit sub-letting. Occupants enter into a Licence Agreement with Living London ? not a tenancy. This Agreement makes for an attractive and flexible arrangement: there is no exclusive right of access to any part of the property, Living London has the option to provide an occupant with 2 weeks? notice to vacate, and no locks on internal doors (except bathrooms!) make for a proper home. ? Number of Occupants ? ?How many people will be living in my house?? The Living London Licence Agreement allows only one occupant per room unless agreed otherwise. Properties are monitored every week as is the number of residents living in the property. This is not the case for regular sharer Tenancies where tenant numbers can be fluid and easily escalate. ? Status of the Occupants ? ?Who will be living in my property and how are they checked?? Living London is sensitive to the fact that Landlords want to know who is living in their property. Living London interviews and carries out professional references on each individual. Occupants? professions and their compatibility with other housemates are carefully considered before an offer of accommodation is made. (See ?Occupant Profile? below) ? Wear and Tear ? ?Will there be a lot of wear and tear on my property?? Occupants usually come to Living London individually and plan to stay for a finite period; they come with fewer belongings than standard long-term tenants and their use of the property is less intensive. Living London provides the Landlord with a Property Return Guarantee which ensures the property will be carefully looked after and returned in the same or better condition at the end of the tenancy. ? Financial Security ? ?What happens if Living London goes out of business?? This is very unlikely. The directors of Living London own a large property portfolio built up over 23 years and look after over 1000 tenants and 200 Licensees. They are happy to provide personal guarantees. ? HMO obligations ? ?My property should really have HMO certification.? Living London has extensive experience of property regulation and has overseen more than 150 HMO applications. Full compliance can be arranged and costs sometimes shared, depending on the nature of the tenancy agreement proposed.


? Occupant Vetting - ALL prospective occupants are interviewed by one of the Living London team. Successful applicants are vetted and professionally referenced. Their current employer and previous landlord are contacted and the use of a commercial referencing agency provides further comfort ? Source of Occupants - Living London service and reputation means that over 50% of Living London occupants come via word-of-mouth - friends, work colleagues and family of current occupants; current occupants changing location as well as previous Living London occupants; occasional advertising ? Occupant Employment - Occupants are all graduates and established employed professionals. Currently they work in the following fields: Accountancy, the Financial Sector, IT, Law, Marketing and Media, Medicine, PR, Recruitment and Retail Management ? Occupant Age Profile ? Occupants? ages range from mid-20s to the early 30s ? Number of Occupants ? Each bedroom is let to a single occupant. A large bedroom with ensuite bathroom may occasionally be let to a couple ? Occupancy Duration ? Most Living London occupants stay for between 9 and 18 months ? Occupant Retention ? When current occupants look to change location, many opt to remain enjoying the benefits provided by Living London, and so move from one property to another


Living London provides high standard and part-serviced properties offering flexible, convenient and cost- effective accommodation to young professionals looking for a smart, organised and comfortable lifestyle.


? Occupancy Flexibility - Occupants are not locked in to tenancies, but Licence Agreements which are more practical and provide greater flexibility on occupancy duration ? Single Monthly Payment ? Including Utilities, Council Tax, Complimentary Broadband, Cleaning, Gardening and the provision of all essential household items. Living London attends to all property administration ? Style and Comfort ? Almost all Living London properties are fully furnished by Living London. Furniture is stylish and bespoke supplied; beds are hotel standard ? Reassuring Maintenance - Living London?s in-house instant-response maintenance team looks after all minor maintenance and is on call 24/7. Maintenance reports are carried out every 7 days ? Professional Cleaning ? Living London?s cleaning team attend each property every week ensuring the property remains gleaming and well-cared for. ? Professional Gardening Services - Front and rear gardens are regularly maintained and fencing, guttering and drainage inspected ? Part-serviced Arrangement ? Living London provides all household essentials ensuring a civilised and organised living environment ? Well Maintained Properties - Regular property visits are undertaken by the Living London team in addition to the weekly visits of the cleaners and the gardeners. All minor maintenance issues are swiftly identified and rectified. Properties are cared for methodically and in the interest of all ? Letting Agent, Landlord, Occupant and Living London

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