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STOPPRESS; NEXT Vacancy in-house known to be in January, but given that residents/guests might find permanent accommodation(if that is what they ultimately require ) sooner than the contracted end-date, and can leave us with very little notice there is always a strong likelihood of vacancies occuring sooner than expected
Princess&ThePea SOLO: WHOLEWEEKS £145pw MON-FRI £120 pw.
COUPLE-WholeWeeks £190 pw.
Romany Vardo SOLO WHOLEWEEKS £125 MON-FRI £ 105 pw
Also some ongoing weekends, FLEXI-LETs: what are you seeking? ONE-OFF? LONGER ? WEEKLY? PART WEEKLY? SHORT TERM? ONGOING? SEE BELOW. Under some circumstances, we can accommodate people for longer periods
We can vary themes and can even offer .....'plain and unadorned!'
With all Hideaways en-suite, this very large predominantly Victorian property allows unusual levels of autonomy and privacy for a shared house, with the knowledge that others are around, for those who want to be sociable.
Part weeks cost less but not pro-rata .This because the day designated for service and weekly laundering and changing changing of King bed linen, table linen, chair throws etc or for changeovers always involves the heaviest labour and general costs....regardless of whether you are with us (or any accommodation provider) in patches of whole weeks, part weeks, or nights.
A DEPOSIT per se is not required.
But for WINTER LETS we do ask for a 14 night payment in advance. which we would hold for you to use for your last 14 nights payment from the moment we have your exact departure date, in writing.
This because, ALTHOUGH WE WILL BIND OURSELVES to the timing of any agreement, YOU WILL BE FREE TO BREAK IT AT ANY TIME subject to a 14 night notice important consideration for anyone wanting to be free to make a move with minimal loss (if any) should a more desirable opportunity present itself.
However the earlier we know of ‘your’ intentions, no matter how vague, the more likely it would be that we could have an interested party waiting in the wings to replace you . Of particular interest if you wanted to leave suddenly and minimise any loss .
You would also be required to pay each week in advance. eg for a Mon-Fri extended let in the P&P, your initial payment would be £360 (2 wks advance payment held - plus your first week in advance)with £120 payable the FOLLOWING week in advance and thereafter and NO PAYMENT DUE for the last two weeks of your stay. But see directly above if its possible you could want or need to leave with less than 2 weeks notice
FOR STAYS of 1,2,3, or 4 WEEKS ONLY it is usual for guests to pay us for their selected period in advance.
HOWEVER, IF the Guest's EMPLOYER IS WILLING TO STAND GUARANTOR, under some circumstances we will be happy to relax the requirement above.
A SIGNIFICANT ADVANTAGE for our guests is our practice of not taking money from both outgoing and incoming persons for the same nights. This means that if you wanted to 'jump' quickly and we had someone ready to takeover we would then RETURN your two weeks advance money
We need to fill our spaces; the projected costs for our ongoing expenses are very high and our maintenance bills are enormous; the last time we tried to cut the hedges ourselves, I damaged a tendon. But our responsibility for bills extends way beyond standard.
WHAT DO WE SUPPLY? We supply loo-cleaner, loo rolls, washing up liquid, washing powder etc etc. You'll even find milk, and other basic items and treats provided in the communal kitchen - and in your own fridge.
Broadband? Yes, but so far not superfast in this patch..
This tucked away Hideaway en-suite at the top of its own winding staircase provides a high degree of privacy and a great many facilities, including own TV, fridge, kettle - and other items available at no charge on request. We’ll consult with you re your style, and if you let me (you don’t have to!) I’ll have fun with props and soft furnishings to follow a theme to your liking...and when you are tired of that, another theme.. and another...until or unless you cry STOP! You’ll have a laser star projector (timed) and a choice of sound effects(timed) to lull you to sleep. The very special solidly built King bed structure is 7 ft wide with ascending steps each side - and 4.5 feet high - with ‘gold’ hand rails on pillars. Your bed linen will be changed and your bed made so robustly, that an occasional tug at the sheet should be enough for it to last a week, which is just as well. Why so? The steps up, combined with the excessively heavy, deep, and luxuriously comfortable mattress, have produced a wonderful bed to sleep in but a B. of a bed for us to make!
And we’ll also be responsible for your towels, table cloth with napkins(<colour/theme matched)and bucket seat throws, WEEKLY SERVICE.
WHAT ELSE? You’ll also have a shared LAUNDRY ROOM, washing powder, downstairs cloaks, lockable garaging for cycles (<we are fantastically sited for cycling and easy walking into the village or straight on to the forest.( SEE BELOW) and you’ll share a courtyard terrace with tables and chairs, climbing greenery and a backdrop of trees.
PARKING? Broad Oak is in a private no through lane and our 90 ft driveway takes 5 cars
WHAT’S IT LIKE TO LIVE HERE? We live in a beautiful area in a beautiful house (needing some TLC in patches that you tend not to see - yes I am OCD for truth!). We also aim for a warm and sociable atmosphere. Anyone present for New Year will always be invited to join in the celebrations. Last year we got together for important football matches...and the Royal Wedding.<not much male interest in that! We have a big table Writers Supper every month. If you write, you might, like to join us periodically as a guest .
If on the other hand these and other events are not for you,’ the size and structure of the house is such that we would be unlikely to disturb you. We will always arrange a 'meetup' to properly introduce a new resident to the mix with a residents supper. Although, latterly, it has become more difficult for many to find the time in their very busy working lives for this, and.. not unrelated, I'd also say that although the very size of Broad Oak allows everyone a great deal of privacy, the downside may sometimes be occasions when you return home and meet no-one at all, at least not by chance. NB the gender details listed and those staying here are likely to change from time to time.
SO, WHO ELSE MIGHT BE HERE? Definitely my husband Mike and myself. Our son will appear most Sundays, some weekends and for longer periods, two residents of whom you could be one, Visitors to the forest, and often our visiting friends and relatives.
ARE YOUR PERSONAL VISITORS WELCOME HERE? CAN THEY STAY WITH YOU OVERNIGHT? If, despite this being what we hope is a moreish place to stay, if your guests stay with you only intermittently, don't move in and fit in well with us all (most do), and are not detrimental to the house, definitely, yes they will be very welcome to stay. That being said, you certainly don't have to introduce all your friends to us. Residents' Rooms are comfortably set up for private entertaining, and since there are many ways for us to make fast(?) contact with one another, it’s a general policy here not to knock on doors.
We can email or phone you or ring a hand bell...which you can choose to ignore; we'll soon learn what you do and don't like;
AND WHAT OF YOUR BELONGINGS? If like me you haven't thrown anything away willingly since you were born, and you have a HUGE amount of belongings I'd greet you with commiseration as a fellow tribe member. But there isn't enough spare space for us all to hoard like that. I was here first... and I am trying to reform. That being said we will help where we can.
IF YOU NEED TO BRIDGE A GAP BETWEEN PROPERTIES what then, in relation to belongings?
It is usual for those leaving one home behind while in the process of acquiring another, to hire storage units. I am told that Southampton has a good variety of such units at low prices.
IF YOU WERE TO STAY ON A MONDAY TO FRIDAY (or PART WEEK) BASIS CAN YOU LEAVE SOME OF YOUR BELONGINGS HERE? Yes, you can, but please bear in mind that if you take accommodation in
MON-FRI mode (NB. NOT APPLICABLE TO FULL WEEK STAYS) we will sometimes be using 'your' weekday en-suite for weekend Guests exploring the New Forest. We will provide you with a cupboard and a space for a lidded crate (light in weight when filled) and you might also want to leave a not-too-large locked suitcase. We are open to discussion on such matters. If no NewForestWeekend guests were expected, it would be fine for you to leave all your belongings in situ. You would not be expected to put away your belongings for our personal friends either. Under the above circumstances of course you would always return to a newly made bed and clean en-suite hideaway. If New Forest Guests are expected at Weekends when you are in MON-FRI mode we will warn you and credit you with £10 to offset the bother of you having to store/put away your belongings; of which you will be unlikely to have many.
WHERE ARE WE? Our large Country House is off New Forest Track, less than 10 mins walk to the centre of the large thriving Village of Brockenhurst. Easy walk Brockenhurst Station: rail journey time 17 mins equidistant Bournemouth & Southampton.
WHO MIGHT FIND US OF INTEREST? Anyone for whom we won't represent a long term home. Part of our long term plan is our need to move within walking distance of our son who is part of The Lantern Community just outside Ringwood , and is unlikely ever to drive.
More specifically we might suit those working away from Home, starting a new job in a new area, arriving from abroad, filling a gap between homes, on Courses or having ended a relationship; this is not a definitive list.
IF YOU don't know the area and ARE LOOKING FOR LONGER TERM ACCOMMODATION WHY NOT USE US AS A CONVENIENT STARTING POINT , a safe haven in a storm, or a pleasant diversion . You can then 'jump ship' (bit of an OTT metaphor here!) WITH LITTLE OR NO LOSS, when you find what you are seeking.
We'll even do our best to help you find it.
Easy for us to help you, because we know what's out there and how it works...and so far we have always succeeded in helping where it has been wanted. No charge of course.
It's worth trying us because even if we don’t have what you want, I should be able to direct you to a good result elsewhere, which I would always aim to do because I can't help it!
See Also The Romany Vardo /SailAway but if by now you haven't lost the will to live and are still interested PLEASE PHONE US BY CLICKING THE TAB ON THE RIGHT which will give you our number.
OR If you Email please be kind enough to tell us something about yourself. WHAT MIGHT WE WANT TO KNOW?
As a rule of thumb we'd like to know what YOU would like to know if you were seeking a sharer and it would also be very helpful if you were to leave YOUR OWN CONTACT DETAILS
I don't usually have my mobile switched on, because I have hearing loss. No you won't have to shout at me! I am fine with face to face conversations. And you have to concede the advantages of a Landlady with hearing loss in a large house! We have 7 land phones, 3 with amplifiers. I use PC and tablet to check emails several times a day,
If you message me via this site, I am allowed to give you my contact details by return...
Thank you for your interest..
Very Best Regards
Sue - and my husband Mike

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  • Brockenhurst
  • SO42
  • £140 pw (double/en suite)
  • £125 pw (double/en suite)


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