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Do you believe in passion, integrity, positivity & working smarter not harder? Pushing yourself, and encouraging those around you to do the same? Do you want to build a life that you can be proud of and which inspires others?

If so, come and join us in “Reinventing Living”.

Picture the scene- waking up at 6 every morning for a group run or yoga with the house, coming back to a communal breakfast in your massive kitchen where you swap ideas, inspiration and dreams over healthy fresh cooked food.
You then spend the day working in the shared office space with the rest of your housemates- encouraging each other, keeping each other on track, helping and inspiring.

In the evenings, we have guest speakers come and visit, and we host other likeminded creators for hack-a-thons, brainstorming sessions, parties, skill exchanges and more.
A cleaner and a cook come regularly- you don’t have to worry about cleaning, washing, ironing, or even cooking if you don’t want to. Everything is designed so that you can focus on your passions, building a business and making lasting change and impact, whilst having fun, relaxing and allowing your creativity to flourish.

We’re looking for a community of 10ish people- we’ve scouted out some seriously unbelievable properties in zone 2/3 that we can create our vision and build our community in.
You don’t have to be running a business yet, but you do need to be committed to wanting to improve yourself, working smart, respecting others and acting with integrity in everything you do.

Are we saying there won’t be parties and beer? Hell no. What we’re saying is this could be the most amazing and immersive living and working experience you’ll ever have, and you’re required to lean in, embrace and contribute to it.

Note: this is something we are setting up now- we will be viewing properties together before we rent one. We just had to fill in some info to get our ad published on spareroom. The house has yet to be selected but we've found some *great* ones.

Quick Qs-

How much will it cost?

We’re looking at all-in price, including rent, bills, cleaner, cook, seriously heavy duty broadband, food (we’re going big on communal, super healthy foods. Think slow carb diet, think vegetables, think high-quality free-range meat. Massive vat of communal porridge every morning).
Under £1, 000 per month (remember: this is living AND office space!) There will also be a “buy-in” at the start to purchase things like office equipment, communal living stuff, gym equipment (if we decide to set up a big gym in one of the spare rooms/ garage). Probably about £500per person, but you’ll get most of that back if you move out and someone takes your place.

What will the rooms be like?

We are envisaging 6-8 permanent residents’ rooms, and a bootstrap room. The bedrooms will be big- the calibre of property we are looking at doesn’t really have small rooms. The bootstrap room is going to be a hub for cash-poor but idea rich entrepreneurs- maybe 3 or 4 people, their total living and office costs working out at £250 per month each- giving them a great way to kickstart their businesses at minimal overhead/living cost. It’ll be a big shared bedroom (maybe even bunk beds!), where we can also host an ever changing cast of visiting entrepreneurs from other cities and countries.

Who will I be living with?

Currently there are 4 of us, we are looking for 4-6 more kindred entrepreneurial spirits. We are all either starting or running our own businesses alongside or instead of “the day job”: we’re looking for people in a similar vein- who want to “escape the city” and make a difference with their own ideas. Ideally young (18-35), mentally and physically fit (taking care of our bodies is a must), with a burning desire to break the mould, have amazing experiences and really push the envelope on what living means.
Essentially, if these names mean anything to you: Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Malcolm Gladwell, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Seth Godin, Stephen Covey & Chris Guillebeau- then you need to be in this house.

This sounds awesome- when can I move in?

We’re pretty sure we can make this whole concept work- what we don’t know which out of every awesome person out there can live and work together to their maximum potential
We’re going to try and develop a non-localised community first: everyone who’s interested meet up at an event, go for a long chat, network & brainstorm afterwards and from there which people really gel. Hell, we might end up with two or three groups in different houses- that would be awesome. Goal is to get in the house mid-autumn, give or take. Don’t go signing any new house contracts yet.
We’re hoping you’re the sort of person who believes in the “one touch” approach to anything that can be done in 5 minutes or less. So don’t file this away in a to-do, it will take you 2 mins to drop us your name, number and the tiniest bit about yourself. We’re not interviewing! We just want to find a great group of people that want to really push themselves and each other.

  • £800 pcm (double/en suite)


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  • Short lets considered

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