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Room in shared flat Leith £400pm or £100pw

Ad ref# 15796053

The flat:
Entrance has a living room, kitchen and balcony. Stairs lead to 2 double bedrooms and 1 bathroom with an electric shower over the bath. Flat is facing the North East with a spectacular view of the Shore, docks, Forth and the North Sea. Must like animals as I have an old cat and a young dog. What I’m looking for in a lodger is honesty and reliability. But just as importantly, I’m looking for someone with a mature attitude to life and living space. Must be working or studying or both. No unemployment benefits. I’m wanting someone who will respect my way of life and beyond the need for compromise, not try to mould me to fit their ways.

About me: I’m 53 years old. Australian, though I have dual nationality as my father was born in England and therefore I’ve been living in the UK 30 years. I've also had both my 1st and 2nd Covid-19 vaccinations. I don’t drink or smoke, am vegan and believe in respecting others views and lifestyles. So, I have my own fridge and freezer and my own pots and pans, as well as a fridge and freezer, pots and pans for a lodger. This just makes it easier for us to keep things in the kitchen separate. I ate meat for 40 years before going vegan so I would be the last person to criticise anyone else for doing so. Same goes with alcohol and cigarettes. If people want to smoke they can do so in their room with the door closed and on the balcony. And just because I don’t drink doesn’t mean I expect it of others. I was a student 10 years ago (Photography HND) so I understand the kind of environment a serious student would need. One where you can get all the sleep you need and the peace and quiet etc. Though I like to listen to music while cooking, cleaning etc I don’t need it to be loud to enjoy it. Same goes with watching movies. I have no problem with using headphones in order not to disturb anyone. As I already mentioned, smoking is permitted in their room with the door closed and on the balcony only.

Not a tenancy swap or joint tenancy. It’s a lodging situation. That is, I am the tenant and I am subletting the room in order to cover the rent and bills. I’m not a student and for council tax reductions to apply its my status that counts. Therefore, there will be no reduction to the £120 Council Tax I pay each month. Virgin Broadband is £50, and electricity for 2 people who are online constantly is around £150-£200 a month and the rent I pay to Edinburgh Council is £470 per month. So, you see the £400 per month that I’m asking for is only a contribution to the flat’s monthly expenses. I understand that in some cases paying rent weekly is a preferred way of doing things. If this is the case, then I'm sure we can come to an arrangement that both of us are happy with. My landlord (Edinburgh Council) will require some basic details of the lodger in order for them to receive a fob (electronic key to access the building) but beyond that as the Tenancy is in my name alone, everything to do with the flat is my responsibility.

Although there’s no written contract, in Scots-law, the verbal agreement regarding rent and deposit is legally binding. (“Under Scots law, legal agreements do not, in most cases, have to be in writing. The law considers verbal agreements to be binding if the parties have a common purpose and they clearly intend to create a legal relationship.”)Though if a written contract is preferable, I can get one printed out for both of us to sign and have counter-signed by witnesses.

  • Flat share
  • Leith
  • EH6
  • £400 pcm (double)


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