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Short-term room w. poss. ext. in cosy houseshare

Ad ref# 15948286

Molly, Sophie and me are looking for a new housemate - and I am looking for a lodger (as I am the live-in landlady). Come dance, share, eat, love, pray, manifest, growl, howl at the moon. We got a front and back garden, a workshop / co-working space, an open plan kitchen with cosy living room, two bathrooms (bathtub + shower) and a basement.

WHY SHORT-TERM? Because I have the top floor with two rooms to myself and that feels a bit decadent when I will be away in Germany from 15th Nov onwards. I am looking to sublet at least one of those rooms, the pretty one with view over Sheffield :) I don't know when and if I will be back (might just move back to Germany!) and if I prefer sharing the top floor or having it to myself. I am in transition, having just finished my 5 year PhD programme. So you have a room guaranteed until January (flexible!) and the we will have to see where in the world I am and how we want to live together. If that is a degree of flexibility and flow that suits you right now, perfect!

Please be 30+ (or crazy mature), fairly extroverted, absolutely pro-active, with excellent communication skills (feel, meet, and communicate your needs), enthusiastic about communal living, clean and tidy spaces, peaceful nights, skill sharing and personal development, and eager to take responsibility and pull your own weight in the house. Like me, you are a go-getter and want to make magic happen!

We are looking for someone social who truly enjoys living with other people, sharing meals and activities, and contributing to the space. No ghost housemates! We are looking for someone clean and tidy. No really, we are looking for someone like us who enjoys cleaning, tidying, making our home look pretty and who finds it natural and easy to clean up after themselves. If the term instagram-able or OCD-level tidy helps you to understand what we are looking for, feel free to use it but really, we just want to feel comfortable in a pretty home.

About living together:

We aim to be clean, tidy, peaceful, considerate, and supportive of each other.

Currently, we clean and tidy as we go but we are open to using a cleaning rota so that everyone has one area to clean each week. You can swap around or book a cleaner, but it is your sole responsibility to meet the cleaning agreement every week.

We aim to create a peaceful home environment by being considerate of each other’s schedules and by respecting a peaceful morning (before 8.30am) and evening wind down time after 10pm. Maybe have a think if that suits your schedule. The house is pretty big so downstairs rooms can easily be used for socialising without disturbing peeps upstairs.

Besides basic needs for a clean, tidy and peaceful home, we wish to create a nourishing and uplifting home that supports creativity, freedom, connection, play. We are open-minded, sex-positive, queer-friendly, vegan-friendly, body positive, and celebrate self-expression.

We can create a community by sharing meals, having movie nights, enjoying the garden together, sharing skills in the workshop space, by being creative and arty together, and by having regular house meetings and sharing circles.

If you practice some of the following or similar things, we are probably on the same page:
(If you practice, not if you are curious - we are not offering learning experiences, we are looking for co-living partners on eye level)

-authentic relating
-radical honesty
-clear communication
-active listening
-feeling, meeting, communicating your needs
-expressing, hearing and respecting boundaries
-hugs, play, sharing circles, consent

Previously, we have used our workshop space for yoga, meditation, fusion dance classes, massage treatments, poetry workshops, life drawing, and storytelling. We were an open and welcoming house and we loved having friends and family over, and sometimes air b&bs. If you are a therapist, body worker or teacher, you would be welcome to use the workshop space. We would like to see the workshop space being used to bring people together and we are looking forward to the humans that you will bring into our lives.

Important ― I love hosting gatherings and parties so some 2 ― 4 times a year, we have a BIG party. Friends visit from all over the place, stay for the week/end and there is lots of cooking, dancing, chatting, cuddling, singing. The parties are no/low alcohol/drugs, but it helps if you like people. You can of course stay elsewhere those weekends and participate as much or as little as you like.

Eating and Drinking:

The house is predominantly vegan/vegetarian, but you can of course do as you please with your own body! Molly is 100% vegan. I eat ‘ethical’ (free-range, organic, local) eggs/meat/fish every now and then and prepare it in ways that are considerate of my vegan housemate/s.

Habitual drug use is not welcome in the house. We enjoy a fun eve and a good weekend or festival for sure, but we are not open to living with substance dependency.

About the house:

Since I bought the house in an auction three years ago, family and friends have been helping me to renovate it from top to bottom: Fixed roof, complete rewire of the house, real new oak wood flooring on the ground floor, 2 new bathrooms, a bathtub with feet, 2-3 layers of fresh paint on each and every wall of the house, and endless mini and major jobs! The house is finished to a very high standard, both in functionality and design so that we can live with a clear mind, open heart and comfy bodies! We need you to be able to take care of it.

The house is comprised of:

• 4 bedrooms (incl. bed, drawers/shelving, desk, lamp ― minimal furnishing to allow you to bring yourself to the space and make it your home)
• 1 living room (w. nice sofa & garden access) attached to
• 1 open plan kitchen (2 fridges, gas cooker, oven, washing machine, kettle, toaster)
• 2 bathrooms (1 with sink, toilet, shower, 1 with sink, toilet, bathtub/shower)
• 1 workshop space (for dancing, yoga, meditation, dinner parties, life drawing, co-working)
• 1 garden in the front and 1 garden in the back (for veg/fruit/flower growing & sun)
• 1 basement for some storage (damp, stored items need to be packaged)


• new electrics throughout
• green gas and electricity by Bulb
• real oak wood flooring on ground floor
• carpet upper floors
• double glazed windows
• security sensor lighting
• new electric smoke alarms throughout
• Sky broadband
• free parking on our road and the neighbourhood

About the area:

Meeresbrook/Heeley is great with nice neighbours, little cafes and restaurants, great views over Sheffield and a local woodland. Jabberwocky and Haggler’s corner are my favourite food/drink spots. I love Create and ArtScene for coffee. There’s a big Lidl down the road.

What’s the contract/agreement?

As I am a live-in landlady, the offer is best described as a lodger-like agreement. By law, this gives us a 1-month-notice. The minimum tenancy is 3 months, but we are looking for a long-term housemate. If you are looking for something shorter, we have a room for that too.

You will be renting your own room in a finished house. You can decorate your room as you wish (as long as you return it to its original/agreed upon state when you leave). The common areas are yours to use but they stay as they are ― no decorating, no storage. Don’t worry, the house is beautifully decorated with lots of plants, shells, art, and plenty of cosy and comfy things to make you feel at home!

Rent: £345/month

+Internet: £10/month pP.
+Gas and electricity Estimate (Bulb): £45/month pP.
+ Council tax: £35/month pP.

= £435 total

Who are we?

Laura: I’m German, moved to the UK 11 years ago (London, then Sheffield 5 years ago) and I just finished my PhD in developmental psychology. I am passionate about nature, health, connection, movement, dance, intimacy, sexuality, self-development. I usually travel a lot for work in Germany and also for dancing (blues & fusion) so I need housemates/lodgers who can take care of themselves, each other, and this home. I like weird people, unusual places and strange events. I love being out and about and therefore need a home that is peaceful and optimistic and kind when I come back. I am 31 and most friends describe me as having a sunny nature, being upbeat and knowing what I want.

Molly: Works for a foraging company, passionate about wild swimming and the outdoors, enjoys a glass of wine and meditation, yoga, and baths. Should probably write this bio herself :)

Sophie: Super friendly human doing a nursing course in Sheffield.

  • House share
  • Heeley
  • S8
  • £345 pcm (double)


Minimum term
3 months
Maximum term
3 months
  • Short lets considered

Extra cost

Bills included?


Disabled access
Living room
Broadband included

Current household

# housemates
Total # rooms
31 to 32
Any pets?
cooking, dancing, nature, outdoors, pilates, exhibitions, dinner parties, mindfulness, markets, flowers, sunday roasts
2 Females

New housemate preferences

Couples OK?
Smoking OK?
Pets OK?
Don't mind
Min age
Max age
Males or females

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