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Adding a video to your ad

Note: due to the effects of COVID-19, some of the information on this page might not currently apply.

Why video?

A video brings to life who you are or what your room's like, far more so than anything you'll write in your ad. The minute you meet someone face to face you instantly have a really clear idea of whether you'll get on.

A video…
  1. is quick and easy to upload
  2. helps people get to know you better
  3. means you don't waste time on viewings with people you're not likely to click with

How to film a video of your house

The room or property is only part of what matters. It's also about whether you'll click with the people who live there. Make your video as much about the people as the room and involve your housemates too if you can.

Quick tips:
  1. Say what you're like to live with rather than just describing the room
  2. Keep it short and sweet and always shoot in landscape
  3. Use as much natural light as you can

Watch SpareRoom's guide to filming your house

How to film a video of yourself

Filming yourself can be daunting. Try to think of it as a fun way to introduce yourself and say what you're like to live with. Get a friend to help out – they can ask you questions and give you someone to chat to.

Quick tips:
  1. Relax and be yourself, this is your first chance to show who you are
  2. Don't worry if you slip up or make the odd mistake – it'll make you seem natural
  3. Talk about the kind of flatmate you're looking for and what's important to you

Watch SpareRoom's guide to filming yourself

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