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MON-FRI pref, but short lets of full weeks can also be 'accommodated'.
I know. I know. Too much text, but please forgive, for, to borrow Mark Twain's excuse for an overlong letter, 'I hadn't time to write a short one!'
...WHERE ARE WE? WHERE COULD YOU BE? 17 mins by fast train FROM SOUTHAMPTON in the 'largest' most desirable settlement in the New Forest National Park just in time for Summer! BROCKENHURST was recently named (in the Telegraph?) among the best places to live in the UK. 8 mins walk from the Village, Broad Oak, our large house with parking for 5 cars (& lockable storage for cycles) is off Forest Track in the centre of 4 footpaths & approx 15 MINS WALK to BROCKENHURST MAIN LINE STATION. Fawley is approx 25 minutes drive across moor & forest but please check my facts & figures.
....AMENITIES? A wonderful area for Walking Riding & Cycling (Bicycles can be hired from the station.) STARTING FROM OUR GATE MILES & MILES OF FREEDOM TO ROAM, but closer to home, a Garage, Post Office & Chemist., Shops (including a Charity Shop, an ironmongers & wait for it,..Tesco Express!) even Fish and Chips & Chinese Takeaway. ..3 churches & 3 Pubs, wine bar, gin bar, a number of cafes & restaurants. (including Indian & Italian) while 'The Pig' of national acclaim. is within 3 miles.
...CLUBS/SOCIETIES? Numerous, ranging from Antiques to Model Railways (huge floorspace!) Regular CINEMA nights with current & specialist films in The VILLAGE HALL, with Stage... & several large rooms on 2 floors for various activities. The FOOTBALL CLUB .offers (apart from football!) subsidised drinks, snooker, darts, Sky(somesuch) SPORTS TV (please check). New members welcome.
And/or you can join the sailing fraternity in Lymington (7 mins by train) or make use of Lymington leisure centre for swimming & gymn at very reasonable prices. Alternatively you can use the gymn at Brockenhurst Tertiary College, or several local Hotel pools/gymns as-and-when <, Spas: ,a visit to the THAI SPA at Careys Manor just has to be an event...or you can join one of several Hotel Fitness Clubs.
.....The ROMANY VARDOE en-suite (complete with Crystal Ball!) is a light bright first floor en-suite, with triple windows overlooking the rear garden of our large Country House. Our current resident G, a long time surfer, soon to move back into his leased Southampton, flat, has the SAILAWAY Theme. Any suggestions relating to another name, or theme that fits the striped curtains & wooden fittings would be welcomed.
...WHAT DO WE OFFER? We offer an immaculate blissfully comfortable king size Hypnos (royal seal) voted among the best of beds year by year. Our Hideaways provide a great many facilities including TV, microwave, fridge, toaster kettle etc enabling a high degree of privacy, for autonomous living & entertaining. However please note, in line with rating guidance although we are permitted to provide some personal portable cooking facilities if so requested (no additional charge) passionate serious cooks are unlikely to find us suitable.....which brings us to Fire risk. During our big build we added self closing fire doors(though you'd never guess to look at them). & a secondary staircase.
We continue to be no less careful in our electrical choices. .you’ll also have a shared LAUNDRY ROOM weekly LINEN and TOWELS with SERVICING etc, downstairs CLOAKS and Courtyard Terrace garden with tables and chairs, – Broadband, OFF-ROAD PARKING and LOCKABLE GARAGING for bikes.
..BILLS? We are responsible for all bills, and despite its size the house is always warm. You'll not only find many provisions provided, we'll supply cleaning materials, washing powder, loo-cleaner, loo rolls etc.
..COST FOR an ongoing MON-FRI? Our Spareroom en-suite price in the Romany Vardo would be £145. for 4 weekday nights for Solos..
FOOD: The price would INCLUDE Quality Food in your own fridge,. WE WOULD ALWAYS CONSULT with you but typically you might expect to find eggs, Yoghurt, UNhomogenised milk etc .......these latter all organic if we can. And we'll do our very best to avoid giving you chemical additives, much easier now that nitrate free. has become more readily available. Cold meats? Vege or Vegan Individual or SPECIAL DIETS? We think that Good Food is of major importance but if white bread makes you happy (alas sometimes it makes me happy!) we'll check the ingredients before buying.
... PLEASE BE AWARE that we have to give FOOD ( INCLUSIVE IN COST QUOTED) because this is THE LETTING MODE THAT PERMITS US TO FLEXI-LET. We don't make a profit from supplying food but we do take advantage of multi buy Offers and flash sales from Ocado online store (with M&S) and other stores including Buywholefoodsonline
Should you occasionally wish to stay in situ at weekends, (perhaps with a partner) that too will be possible.
YES we can offer the Romany Vardo ensuite for Full weeks, short term in addition to part weeks
SECURITY?. We agree end dates with you while still continuing to be as flexible as possible, and if our circumstances (the principal reason we let in this way) allow, we will be happy to renew. One Mon-Fri resident came for 4 months and stayed for 4 years or thereabouts. ..although if our Guests are looking for longer term accommodation we can help them find it. . No cost for help, of course. As a rule of thumb you will not be held to a lease but you may be required to sign an agreement of sorts. But whereas WE will hold to the end date of any agreement we will not expect you to do the same. We will require you to pay your first week's payment in advance and in addition a further 3 weeks payment. which we will hold for the final three weeks of your stay, upon receipt of your written (3 weeks) you will stop paying.
.If you decide to leave before your end date, 3 weeks motice will be fine, If you then decide to leave during the notice period we will calculate and reimburse you the COST element that will no longer be provided or spent after your unexpected departure.
if you suddenly move out and Another moves in BEFORE THE END OF YOUR NOTICE PERIOD he will be liable for payment and you will be correspondingly reimbursed.. This ON THE PRINCIPLE that WE DO NOT TAKE PAYMENTS FROM BOTH OUTGOING AND INCOMING RESIDENTS FOR THE SAME SPACE AT THE SAME TIME..
......FLEXI-LETs MON-FRI The Romany Vardo/SailAway en-suite will be available from Monday 24th June for an ongoing Mon -Fri let, but that weekend we'll throw in the evening of Sunday 23rd to give you a relaxed start. it is likely we can add Sunday night on a regular or ad hoc basis if required.
FULL WEEKS?. From Friday 21st/Sat 22nd June would be available for anyone seeking to utilise more than 4 nights, even Want to start from a different day of the week, or reserve an ONGOING SERIES OF WEEKENDS? - to fulfill an ongoing weekend contract in the Catering/Leisure Sectors perhaps? We can do that. If you are working at weekends(with or without a partner) you might prefer the more spacious Magic Carpet hidden away at the top of the house.
.....WHO MIGHT CONSIDER OUR ACCOMMODATION TO BE OF INTEREST? .Those wishing to stay in the area, for business, or on contracts., .requiring a start-up base for a new job or to explore the area for a new home? ....between property sale & purchase... those leaving a relationship...? This is not a definitive list but whatever your reason for choosing us, we would want you to enjoy your time at Broad Oak.
WHO ELSE MIGHT YOU FIND RATTLING AROUND HERE? Our adult family, friends, and residents like yourself who have come via Spare room., periodically interwoven with Visitors to The New Forest.., most of whom will have stayed with us previously
...BILLS? None. We are responsible for all bills. The house is very large ..and warm. We'll also supply all cleaning materials from washing powder through to loo-cleaner, loo rolls etc.
WHAT IS IT LIKE TO LIVE HERE? Despite constant need for interior and exterior maintenance (which shouldn't overly affect you) this is a beautiful house in a beautiful area Already this year the tree hanging above the cars has been coppiced, the drive (PARKING for 5 cars) re-stoned, the five bar gate refurbished while front of house is awaiting warmer weather for the completion of lime plastering... The house interior has shabby sections which hopefully we've so far disguised with a certain querkiness.
WANT TO INVITE A FRIEND 'HOME'? No problem. We aim for a friendly atmosphere., although I'd also say that the size of Broad Oak allows us all a great deal of privacy - the downside of which will be occasions when you'll return home and meet no-one at all, at least not by chance. NB the gender details listed are likely to change from time to time.
WHAT WOULD WE REQUIRE TO KNOW ABOUT YOU? Overall, the sort of things you would want to know about anyone sharing your home, if you were in our position. Our first question would be to ask about YOUR SITUATION and your PLANS - all straightforward stuff . if you are interested, WE'LL TELL YOU OUR PLANS -which we have narrowed down to a choice of. two.
We would also ask you for CONTACT DETAILS, JOB DESCRIPTION, your designated NEXT OF KIN. and your EMPLOYER.
IF YOU ARE STAYING UNDER THE MON-FRI/PART WEEK CATEGORY, CAN YOU LEAVE SOME OF YOUR BELONGINGS HERE on the days you return home? Yes. We will provide you with an additional half cupboard and space for a lidded crate, light in weight when filled, and you might also want to leave a small-medium sized locked suitcase here. If no outsider is expected to use the room at the weekend you need not disturb your belongings. We are open to discussion on such matters.
IF YOU NEED A FAST RESPONSE PLEASE CALL US ON THE NUMBER PROVIDED, although, because I am often working at my PC well into the night & beyond (as now) when no-one phones or needs me,, you are more likely to reach me later in the day; I prefer the landline (we have 7 phones around the house) to the mobile because I can up-the -volume more effectively.......a landlady with defective hearing? Now there's an advantage!!
Thankyou for reading to the end
Very Best Regards
Sue and Mike Joiner PS if Sprm allows please do send me your phone number. Thankyou

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£145 pw
double En suite


14 Jun 2024
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