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What's a Buddy Up?


'Buddy Ups' are people looking for a room who would also be interested in hearing from other room seekers in their area, with a view to possibly forming a group and searching for suitable whole properties to rent. If you are struggling to find exactly what you are looking for this can be a great way of getting your ideal room, with flatmates you like.

Use the search box to find like-minded room seekers in your chosen area and price range. Browse their profiles and get in touch with any you like the sound of. Don't forget to place your own profile so other users can get in touch with you.

Handy Tip:
Most properties have bedrooms of varying sizes and desirability and it is common practice to split rent accordingly with higher rent being paid for larger and more desirable rooms. Therefore don't disregard other users who you like just because they have a lower or higher budget than yourself. This can make for the most harmonious houseshare as each flatmate has a room to suit their budget.