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How do I find whole properties to let, suitable for sharing?


When a landlord places an advert for a 2 bed+ whole property to let, they are asked to give an estimated cost per room. This is as a guide to sharers for dividing up the rent fairly in consideration of room sizes and amenities (e.g. single vs double, en suite or not etc).

These ads appear in our listings much like rooms to let. If you search for rooms for rent in London for £150 per week, not only will it return rooms in that price range, but also whole properties whose equivalent room price falls in that range. E.g. a 3 bed property that is £450 per week and whose rooms are equal in size (and therefore estimated at £150 per week each).

Seen a room in a 2, 3 or 4+ bed property you like? If you have no one else to share with, use our buddy up facility to find like minded people to share it with.

And what about 1 bed properties?

Ads for 1 bed self contained properties appear amongst the listings like rooms. E.g. a 1 bed that costs £200 per week will appear alongside a room to let for the same price. Listings that are whole properties are marked clearly as being so.