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Right to Rent Checks for Tenants


Landlords renting out a property in England have to check whether their tenants are legally allowed to live in the UK – this applies to people letting to lodgers too.

In other words, your landlord has to see proof that you’re a UK resident and can take copies of the documents you use as proof.

Your landlord has to check:

  • That you’ll be living at their property as your only/main home – whether or not you’re named in the tenancy agreement
  • Original copies of documents that show you’re allowed to live in the UK
  • That the documents are genuine and belong to you

You should be present for the checks and make sure they record the date they do it – it’ll usually happen with the first 28 days of your new tenancy.

There's a Home Office guide to how it works on the website, plus full details of which documents you'll be able to use to prove you're eligible to live in the UK.