Sharing bills with your housemates and flatmates


Once you've found your new property, you may need to consider the cost of bills and how to manage them with your housemates.

Chasing housemates for money, no matter how small the amount, can be a real headache.

Glide has a service that simplifies paying utility bills between housemates. They are a specialist energy supplier for house sharers - they bundle your share of all your utility bills into one simple fixed monthly e-bill and send it straight to you.

No more chasing housemates for money; no more energy price rises or incessant call queues to different providers - Glide will take care of everything.

For your quote, visit their website or call and speak to one of their friendly advisers on 0333 666 5555.

Hopefully this will put an end to those embarrassing conversations about money.

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