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How much rent should I charge a lodger?


Important considerations when calculating how much to charge:

  • You can earn £7500 a year before paying tax (£625 per month). See rent a room scheme
  • Do you charge inc bills or exclusive? 95% of lodgers prefer including bills
  • Whether you include bills or not, the lodger's contribution to the bills counts as part of your rent with the tax free allowance

How much could you earn?

Enter your full postcode below and we will tell you how much you could earn from your spare room.

Post an ad now

You're under no obligation to take anyone

Why not post an ad for your room today and start chatting to a few potential lodgers - find out for yourself what kind of people are looking for rooms and whether you could consider living with someone else. You don't have to take anyone if you don't find anyone suitable immediately or are still unsure.

If you decide it's not for you, simply remove your ad. All we ask is that you respond to all enquiries you receive (there's a simple auto-responder option to make it easier to say no).

Still not sure?

lodger_guide Taking in a lodger is a big decision so it's always important to take your time and make sure you've done your research. If you're still mulling it over then why not download our free guide to taking in a lodger to read while you weigh up your options.