Thinking of taking in a lodger?


Thinking of taking in a lodger? Need help deciding?

The benefits of taking in a lodger are plain to see:

  • £100s of extra income every month to help cover the mortgage, or simply as extra spending money. See how much you could earn
  • Up to £4,250 per year of this is tax free (we've been lobbying the government to raise that to £9,000 for you, but it's still pretty good!)
  • A new friend to go to the pub/share a bottle of wine with
  • Someone to look after the property/cat/stick insect while you're away

Of course, there are potential risks and downsides to getting in a lodger (loss of privacy for one) - that's why preparation is essential. Luckily, most people who take in a lodger have a good experience.

95% found taking in a lodger a positive experience and over 97% would do it again

We polled 100s of SpareRoom users about their experience of taking in a lodger and those are the overwhelmingly positive results we got - 60% said they'd even describe their lodger as a friend. Even with the tiny minority who had a negative experience, almost half would try it again.

The truth is that the vast vast majority of potential lodgers you will meet through SpareRoom are decent, ordinary people. Well, that's doing them a disservice - interesting and extraordinary too! But you get my meaning, they are generally the kind of people you might meet through your friends and work colleagues - people just like you. You'll always hear the occasional horror story but, thankfully, these are the tiny minority and can generally be avoided by taking your time, trusting your instincts and (of course) using common sense. Most of the horror stories are the result of a misunderstanding and can be avoided by preparing throughly before your lodger moves in.

60% would describe their lodger as a friend

By taking in a lodger you'll inevitably lose some of your privacy. To some extent losing your privacy can be a good thing - if you're living on your own, having some company now and again can be very welcome. The type of relatonship you have with your lodger is up to you - generally we'd advise people not to expect their lodger to become their new best friend but treat it as a bonus if they do.

If you're worried about losing your privacy you could consider offering your room on a Monday to Friday only basis to commuters (although this will depend on your location).

Earn £4,250 a year tax free

The government's Rent a Room Scheme allows you to earn up to £4,250 tax free from your lodger. Depending on where you live this could mean all your income is tax free

How much could you earn?

Enter your full postcode below and we will tell you how much you could earn from your spare room.

Place an ad now

You're under no obligation to take anyone

Why not place an ad for your room today and start chatting to a few potential lodgers - find out for yourself what kind of people are looking for rooms and whether you could consider living with someone else. You don't have to take anyone if you don't find anyone suitable immediately or are still unsure.

If you decide it's not for you, simply remove your ad. All we ask is that you respond to all enquiries you receive (there's a simple auto-responder option to make it easier to say no).

Still not sure?

Taking in a lodger is a big decision so it's always important to take your time and make sure you've done your research. If you're still mulling it over then why not download our free guide to taking in a lodger to read while you weigh up your options.