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Room Rental Index


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Our new Room Rental Index is a great tool for anyone who needs to keep an eye on room prices. Whether you have a large portfolio of properties or just need to know how much to charge for your spare room, the info you need is all here.

The index (free to download) is a snapshot of room rental averages across the UK, listed by post town.

How to read the index

Note: The figures in the index are averages across the previous 3 month period (ie. July’s index contains averages for April-June)

Most of the columns used in the index are pretty straightforward but here's a quick guide to what all the numbers mean:

  • Post town - Details of the geographic area referred to
  • Average weekly rent - The average (mean) rent for a double room including bills in the area
  • Quarterly change - The % change in rent over the past 3 months
  • Demand index - Takes the average number of views per advert in each area and gives higher ratings to areas with the highest number of views per advert. A good indication of how much demand there is for rooms in an area—the longer the bar the higher the demand

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