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"Who's interested" list explained


When searching or browsing ads, users have the option to “Save ad” and/or “Show interest”. Both functions add the user to your “Who’s interested” list.

How do I reciprocate interest?

Click through to their profile and either contact them by phone or email or simply click “Save ad” or “Show interest” and you will then appear in their list of “Who’s interested”.

Why did I receive notification of new interest but they’re not on my list?

There are 2 possible reasons for this:

  • They have removed your profile from their saved ads list or 'retracted interest' - perhaps they spotted something on your ad afterwards that meant it wasn't suitable for them
  • They have now found a suitable flatshare/flatmate/tenant and removed their ad

Why did I not receive an email notification about a new interest?

Room seekers can click to express interest in your ad, but if they do not already have a live room wanted ad, we cannot send you a link to it. We do prompt seekers without an ad at that point to place one, in which case you will be able to see their details in your Who's interested list once it is live.

What happens when I remove someone from my who's interested list?

Remove ads from your who's interested list once you've contacted someone, or ruled them out. This will keep your list organised so it's easier to use. Don't worry, the other user won't know you've removed them from your list and it won't remove your ad from their 'who's interested' list

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