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Press endorsements

SpareRoom is great for finding a room in a house share quickly. You can select what kind of people you'd like to live with and what ages. It's the safest and easiest way to find a room quickly.


Certainly has the potential to smooth things along and ease your housemate pain

—The Independent

SpareRoom, the pioneering online business that has transformed the way people look for somewhere to live

—The Daily Express does what it says on the tin

—The Telegraph

SpareRoom is the biggest UK flatsharing site


Speedflatmating...all the rage in London

—The Times - Bricks & Mortar

The largest room sharing website in the country

—BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans Show

Today, with over 3 million visits per month, SpareRoom is the UK's leading flat- and house-share website in the UK. It now has offices in London, Manchester and New York.


When I first arrived in London for work I certainly could not afford to rent anywhere to live so I actually used your website, many many many years ago to get a room in a flat, that was the only way I could afford to be here. So thank you very much, good service you provide there.

—Michelle Dewberry, winner of The Apprentice & TV Presenter

Speed Flatmating is not only safer, but easier

—The Telegraph

The UK's busiest flat and house share website with four million users. On average, someone finds a flatmate on SpareRoom every three minutes.

—The Sun

Puts the fun into finding a flatmate

—TNT Magazine

This site makes room-hunting easy

—TNT Magazine

'SpareRoom is the biggest UK flatsharing site'

—The Mirror advertise rooms available over a given time period, and has become a lifesaver for students as those looking for a flatmate, as they are able to distinguish their exact preferences. This hopefully means you?ll be paired up with housemates who are likeminded people you can relate to and will cause less arguments and friction.


Used by landlords to find tenants and by tenants to find people to share properties with, SpareRoom is one of the UK’s unspoken digital success stories.


Between 2009 and 2014, the number of flatsharers aged between 35 and 44 rose by 186%, according to Spareroom, the UK's biggest flatshare website, while the number of sharers aged 45 to 54 went up by 300%.

—The Guardian

SpareRoom, the enshrined market leader, has a slick website and app


Popular flatshare site runs Speed Flatmating events in London and Manchester, where you can meet several potential flatmates in one go


The UK's leading flat and house share website

—The Independent

With over 10 million registered users, SpareRoom is the UK’s leading roommate matching site.


Since its inception in 2004, SpareRoom has become the UK’s most popular site for finding rooms in house shares or HMOs (house of multiple occupancy).

—London Post

From those looking for accommodation...

Thank you ever so much for your web site. It really helped me to find a place to live even of I am not a student. I had my doubt in the beginnig because I thought it was for student but I had response from 3 landlords out of 4 advert I had answered in 4 days from I placed my reply to their advert. Pretty good. Thank you!

—H N

Another satisfied customer. Great service, I found what I was looking for within the month. Thank you.


I?m now training the newly unemployed executive, professional and graduate for the d.w.p. ? I mention your site to approximately 20 to 30 people every week and show them round it ? a great way for the unemployed to move cheaply around the country to get work out of their area.

—M S

Its a brilliant site. I found a room from France and was living in it it within 3 days!!! I always tell everyone about spare room.

—P A

"Spareroom has helped me find accommodation twice so far. Both times, i managed to find good flatmates, and property too. This site is probably the best way to avoid hassles of moving in and ending up in the hands of agencies that take you for a ride. Long story cut short - Spareroom's the word ! " Please sign my name as Raj in the same. Cheers.


Hi Just wanted to drop a note to say how impressed I was with the whole rent-a-room process. I placed my ad and had a tenant within a week. The system was smooth and effortless and I was also secure in the knowledge that there was someone there for me to contact for help as this was my first ever rental. Many thanks - please pass on my appreciation to the team. I never usually write complimentary letters so this was special. Cheers Paris


Good morning! I have just been on a voyage of discovery and want to thank you so much. Having been let down on some interim accommodation - a colleague introduced me to your site. What a voyage of discovery! Within 1 hour - I had an offer of some accommodation from a complete stranger, just to help me out for a week! On day 2, I found 3 adverts of interest met all three and by last night had found 3 very different room and met some absolutely lovely people. I have never done anything like this before - but there is a whole word I have missed out on and your Your Company make it a safe and interesting quest with the backing of professional expertise - Congratulations! Whilst I did not wish to find myself in this position - I will certainly promote your site and service whenever I can & certain hope to use you again. Brilliant! Anne Marie


Thanks for your E-mail. I have found the ideal flat in exactly the area I want. Have a good week and thanks for your help. Best wishes

—A K

Thanks for a great service. I found just the right place in the area I wanted. Other providers are available but are no comparison!

—A H

Thank you, I found a room within a day and moved within a week, made lots of savings !!!


#ff SpareRoomUK ...I can personally vouch for them being brilliant at what they do. Made my move to London really easy. Thanks guys :)

—Claire B

I just wanted to say how brilliant I have found your website in the past week. It took a matter of days to find somewhere literally around the corner from where I am currently living which is ideal for my work and social needs. Your website is easy to use and the information you sent to me was always perfectly tailored for me. I know we live in an age where people don't thank companies etc for the work they do, but I felt compelled to say thank you. You have made something that has been historically stressful for me exceptionally seamless.

—Scott S

I'm thrilled, I just found my perfect house share in just 24h! I thought room hunting would be painful, thanks for making it so easy!

—Julie has helped me find lovely young people to move in with and kick off my social life time and time again when moving to a new city for work

—Charlotte W

id like to say once again thank you for helping me find a room where i was looking. i was made redundant last year and had to move into a hostel as where i was didnt take dss. i have now found somewhere in a different location where there is work, and it is all down to the team at

—E L

Just found my fourth room in 6 years through spareroom - and I've met some great people in the process. Big thanks to everyone who runs it, for making househunting a pleasure!

—Ruth C

Hi, just wanted to say thank you for a great service, got sorted with a room within an hour and it is awesome, I will be recommending you to all my colleagues and friends , we are mostly contractors working away from home and this has made my life so much easier, I'll gladly buy you all a pint down the pub lol, keep up the great work. Steve.


Thanks for the web site, it's the best one. Simple, affordable and it works! 3 years ago I found a room with a great landlady - who became my friend, now I found a housemate! Thanks


thanks to Spareroom, i found accommodation. i no longer need yr site but thanks, twas gr8 cheers

—J C

Just a bit of feedback as I've had such a good experience - A fantastic website that has helped me find a lovely and affordable place to live! The emails and customisable settings are invaluable, and without the early bird access I would have missed out on my favourite room. Will definitely use again next time I move - thanks guys!


I have found a room which I am happy with. I continue to visit your site on an adhoc basis to check out going rates. When I initally used your GREAT site I was doing my pricing research whilst looking for work, anyways I eventually found work which I started the next day after interview in a different area than where I was located, went on your site...bish bosh room found, moved in the following evening. Henceforth I recommend your site to others.


Thank you, the site found me a room in the nick of time!


I have found a flatshare through your web-site. Many thanks once again.

—H E

Thank you Spareroom for a great facility. I was able to find a very suitable room for my daughter with a lovely landlady within the week. It was very easy to arrange 6 viewings on the same day. we came to London from West sussex for these viewings yesterday and have now got our daughter's accommodation sorted. Many thanks for a great service.


Hi. Found a nice room at a good price in no time :) Actually viewed 20 properties in 2 days via SpareRoom! Many thanks.


I think the whole site is excellent and really made my move to London so much easier. When I began looking I didn't really know where to start but your site was really useful with loads of ads with lots of details and pictures so that you know what to expect when you visit. I have now been living in London for two weeks and I love my new flat! Thank you


Hi Have found an amazing home so thank you very much! I recommend your site often to anyone looking as always been best for me! Thanks Shareen



—F S

Just to say is superb! So quick and efficient. Such a good business idea for whoever thought of it and such an excellent online service - I found the perfect place to stay in under 3 days! Best wishes, Bruce


Hi, This is the 2nd time I have found accommodation through this site and I cannot be more pleased. The interest on my ad was so high and the site is very easy to navigate. Have tried other sites on the side but just don't get the same response. Very very pleased and will recommend you to all my friends! Kind Regards, Edward Herniman (one happy tenant)


Thank you, what a brilliant site, I was able to reply to an advert, go and see the room and confirm that I wanted it. My moving in date has been sorted, your site made it so easy and I will be recommending you to anyone looking for a room share

—C N

It was so easy, from start to finish and I had many offers. Have since moved house, but would definitely use again


I'm 43 and thanks to have a place to live. In summary I'm a gay man, that has just left a 12 year relationship. I was struggling to find a place to live as everyone seemed to want a 20-30 something. I went to the Speed Flatmating event run by and met a 35/38 yo spanish gay couple. We buddied up and within just over a week found the perfect flat. I couldn't have asked for better house mates and I simply couldn't have done it without SpareRoom!


Just a big thank you for helping me finding this perfect place that i can call home. Love your site, great work Ladys and guys, carry on. Thank you again.

—O M

Thank you so much, this is the 3rd time I've used you over a few years and this time I've found a nice place to live in just 5 days from placing my advert. You people are amazing and offer such a brilliant service.


DEAR EVERYONE just thank you , thank you , thank you !!! I find my bedroom Finally !! I will suggest the web site to anyone want to move or live in London. Have nice day , take care All the best


Excellent service - thanks guys; was up against it having to find a place by myself for the first time no longer with friends and couldn't have found the incredible place I have without this site. Moving on Sunday to a what will be an excellent room with some fun new people.


Hi, I just want to say that I think your website is brilliant, makes it so easy and convenient to find somewhere to live. Thank you, Jane


I upgraded my account to email the house that I am now going to rent, so for me it had to be done as I knew it was the house for me. It was harder to find a property in London living soo far away from the capital but I found the most up to date adverts on spareroom and it was extremely easy to navigate so overall I had a very successful experience. Many thanks, Emma


I had a room planned out and agreed on in Scotland 5 months ago. She cancelled on me with 6 days till I left. Immediately posted on and 2 hrs later, I had 6 people interested in having me as a roommate. Chose one place and its in a better location, a better price, and has a giant-er kitchen

—Erinn W

Really excellent service. User friendly access and instant notification of new availabilities. Big thumbs up!


Your site is just the best, found a lodger in 3 days - no hassle from agents etc, very clear and easy to understand, good information - thank you so much, I will recommend you to others

—B C

I just moved to the UK but started looking for rooms back in Hungary last week. Regardless, I found the perfect room on the first day of visits. Wow. How's that?! Thank you!

—Imola U

I have been meaning to contact you with some very positive feedback about your service . In February this year I moved into a fantastic house as a result of Spareroom. The house is one of a kind, beautifully decorated and refurbished by the owner. It is completely unique and I love living there, needless to say everyone that comes to visit is very jealous. I am a strong believer in giving good feedback where it is merited as we too often only remember to give negative feedback.


Thank you for helping me find a home :-) Your site has proved invaluable in helping with something that is one of the hardest things to do in life - finding a home! Just wanted to show my appreciation and say "THANK YOU" :-)

—Sharon C

I registered yesterday on this site, I viewed the room today and put a deposit down straight away. Brilliant site. I would definitely recommend it to friends and family.


Thank you spare room for helping me find a property in Leeds. The house is great and at a really good price! I couldn't have done it without you! Pete.


I found a lovely room within a few days of placing my "room wanted" ad. I got loads of enquiries so had quite a few to choose from. Excellent service, very very pleased indeed. Thanks.


Hi, By upgrading my advert became more visible and appealing to other users. This lead to it being spotted by a local landlady who promptly offered me her room. Thanks, James


I found the site very easy to use, helpful and well laid out and successful, in that I found my perfect room!


Thanks. It was by far the best site of its kind and it only took me a fews days to find the perfect place. You can use that in your promo material! Richard


Spareroom! Thank you, I finally found the right houseshare I wanted. After 2 years of dreary flatshares, I have finally found the houseshare of all houseshares, and I am really happy to be moving into my new place on Sunday. Came through on an alert last Friday, went to see it by Sunday, and it was mine. SO pleased! They even cancelled all other views as we clicked right away. Thanks so much!!!!


—Edmundo R

Hi, We found our accommodation with the help of local knowledge. We think the Spareroom website is an amazing site that is really useful and easy to access. I also felt confident about the types of accommodation that were on offer. Kind Regards Linda McHugh

—Linda M

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Spare Room, found an amazing place in a fantastic area, could not be more pleased -quick and really easy to communicate with prospects


It was easy and fast - early bird gave me a chance to get in there quicker than other people and find a household with my requirements. As an older individual, I wanted similar individuals - and I managed to find them


Your website is extremely good & I'm very pleased with the time it took to find somewhere, also the replies to my advert were numerous, thank you I will definitely recommend you.

—P C

This site was very useful for me and easy to handle.


I thought your service was excellent and I'd definitely use you again


Thank you so much, I found just what I was looking for, I am very relieved and very grateful. I also got plenty of choices so was able to choose wisely


I was very impressed with your website and found it very professional. The emails I received were helpful and very friendly. And yes, if ever I need to find accommodation, I will have no hesitation in contacting you. So a BIG thank you.

—Anna K

Thank you for your quick response to my query. I was most pleased with the service/website provided by SpareRoom...if i need to move again I will definitely use your site and service


Just a quick message to say your service, especially the app, is fantastic. I rarely use an app that works EXACTLY as it should, with nothing I can think of to improve. It impressed me so much as to write this.


Just a quick email to say thank you for providing this service. I was about to become homeless and found a great place the night before I did!


Just to say thank you, as I found a property through this website, I would certainly use this site again, as it is very easy to use, and quick and simple to arrange viewings.


Thank you SpareRoom! I found my current room using only your site and I am very pleased with it.


I have found the site to be extremely helpful. There is nothing more stressful and demoralising than having to move home and finding somewhere to live; one just does not know where to start. But thanks to, it feels like you have everything under one roof, and are really spoilt for choice. It provides so many options and I'm happy to say I have found my new home through the site.


Good luck with your business. I do think it is very good, minimum computer jargon, easy to navigate and usually gets me good results. Just wish I had thought of it!


I think that your website is excellent and by far the best of the ones I used to find a room.


Just a note to say thank you for a great site. Been looking to rent, found a place yesterday. This site has taken all the stress and leg-work out of looking for accommodation.


I met a nice family, a lovely room in Bicester. Good service, really!


From those with accommodation to let...

just a quick note to say that I've found this site very useful indeed for all my adertising (over a few years now) - the connections and alerts are good (I have the App)- I love the fact that the adverts are kept on your account ready to use again (as I have done this time around) and I aways seem to find the best people! keep it up with this great website! I use Gumtree too - although it's not a specific accommodation/rent site and the results aren't great - but Spareroom is by far the most superior I think for here I live - in London. I will be sure to recommend Spareroom! kind regards Julie Gray p.s. please feel free to use my comments above as public feedback.

—Julie G

Hi, thanks for letting me use it's amazing! I've never had so many hits from an advert, and I'm an estate agent by day! Excellent service! Thanks


What a brilliant site, I have been trying to rent out 2 rooms for the last few months with little success, this medium really worked well both rooms are now taken and it only took 10 days - many thanks.

—D T

Room now let, whole thing only took 6 days fantastic, will use you again next time

—D P

Many thanks - have now found a very satisfactory tenant. I am very impressed by SpareRoom, which has been the most user-friendly property-based website I've had the pleasure of using - clear, quick and very easy to navigate. Many thanks.

—Roz N

Yet again I've found a lodger in next to no time thanks to your website, Well done Bella


Arranging my housemate through SPAREROOM has worked out so well he's still here and set to remain for the foreseeable: any time I have a vacancy, SPAREROOM will be my first choice. in fact, in this case, communication was so good and complete that I even arranged the let and had him move in while I was away: confidence which was completely justified. I wouldn't do that every time but it shows how well it can work. My lodger has commented that my SR profile gave him a really helpful and accurate impression, so that he knew this was the place to go for. Feedback from other people I contacted was that they were equally clear it wasn't quite what they needed - so no wasted time in looking, just a few emails and the right one here! So I'll keep the profile on file and use it again next time.

—Peter M

WELL WHAT CAN I SAY TO YOU GUYS well what can i say?put an advert on at around 11.30 in the evening .room was gone by next morning. usual fabulous service from Spareroom.regards to all Gill


Thank you very much , I was over-run with over 20 applicants within the first 2 days, so much better than other sites.

—Gary B

The entire experience was great - putting the ad up was very simple and took no time at all. I was really impressed with how easy using the website was. Browsing the profiles was really straightforward too. All my emails were nicely organised in threads, which made staying in touch with all potential flat mates really easy. Once I found the perfect match (she's really lovely and it only took one day!), the option to suspend my ad was really useful. I wasn't receiving lots of comms, and still knew I could re-post it should anything fall through. I'd definitely recommend to all my friends! Excellent value for money!

—A T

I found a lodger in only three days. My local paper charges a silly ?60 per week for an advert, in fact over the years they have tripled their prices. Great service, thank you.

—Marc B

I would just like to say I have advertised my property with 3 different agency's But when they expire I will only advertise with I think the service is superb far better than all the others I have tried thanks mr w bursill

—Wayne B

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. This time I only used SpareRoom, had several enquiries and took the second person I saw! Instant rapport, intelligent and considerate. Maybe I've even found a friend! What more could I want? I saw five in total and have turned away several requests. This is without doubt the best method I have ever found for finding a lodger other than letting selected friends know I have a vacancy. I always let friends know of your site when the subject of lodgers comes up.


Thank you for your message - once again your site has come up trumps - all rooms taken within 1 week of refreshing advert last month so no need to renew just yet but will when need to and have been spreading the word. Thank you (and the rest of your team) very much.

—J H

Thank you for your help & for your wonderful site. We have managed to find a very nice tenant - keep up the good work and thank you!

—C M

within 8 hours of placing my ad I had seen two applicants and let the room - simply brilliant. thanks. john


I am please to tell you that I have let my room to the first person who came to view it. He was a Earlybird. Thank you very much for your help. I will definitely use your excellent site again the next time I need to let the room.

—D L

Once again you have proved top trumps when it comes to finding a flatmate! I have just let my room again in 1 day, this is now my 3rd flatmate I have found through your site. Absolutely brilliant service! Thank you a million!


This is a great site, I got loads of interest for the room and rented it in 2 days. I will be using this site again in the future. Thank you very much Alison

—Alison C

Very impressed with Spare Room. Got my initial lodger within a few weeks, then when she left due to a change in circumstances (although she still pops in for a cuppa), we got another lady within 2 days and she's wonderful too. Thanks SpareRoom - have recommended your service.


I just think it's a wonderful site. It was going to cost me ?400 to advertise on one of the University sites. Thanks


Wow, I didn't believe the hype but this site really worked for me and I rented my double room for 5 months within 6 days of placing my ad. Looking forward to using you again in the future.


Wow, I didn't believe the hype but this site really worked for me and I rented my double room for 5 months within 6 days of placing my ad. Looking forward to using you again in the future.


This is simply the best website! I advertised 6 rooms and had them all let in 2 days! It is honestly worth purchasing the bold listings. I would only advertise through your website in the future.


I have found the service excellent. I have used other sites but all my enquiries and tenants have come through SpareRoom


It absolutely works. I've let my room within one day of it appearing.


Really impressed with your service. So many property websites promise the earth and are really disappointing but yours actually delivers. I started by emailing people who were looking for rooms and filled 2 rooms that way. Then I paid for a week and filled the other 2 rooms. Altogether I did 9 viewings to get 4 tenants all with similar profiles. I will definitely use Spareroom again. Many thanks


Thank you spareroom for your services and the tenancy agreement forms available for download. I found two lovely lodgers in less than a week! (4 days) Wishing you much success both in New York and any new cities you might set up in the future! You deserve it! Thanks Tania


I would just like to send a big thank you to you and your team. I have used your website for the past three years, we have had some lovely lodgers. You run a brilliant service quick and easy. I would only ever recommend your company. Once again SpareRoom A BIG THANK YOU. Hope to do business with you again in the near future

—Kim K

Hi, Just to let you know I found a lodger through Spare Room and have been really impressed with your service. I would not hesitate to use Spare Room again in future and recommend to others. Thanks very much! Imelda Havers

—Imelda H

Excellent site, always rent out the rooms within 10 days.

—C A

Superb website, very helpful and extremely affective! Quick and simple when placing an advert, enabling potential tenants to contact you almost immediately. Good calibre of clientele. SpareRoom is clearly the best website around!

—Michael A

Thanks for your service, I am very happy. I have found a new house mate within 24 hours of the add going up. Thanks so much.

—Alex J

Very impressed with this site, have used it over the last couple of years and it's the only way I now advertise. Thanks

—Alexandra R

Bravo! I found the perfect person for my room to let the very next day! I have just placed another ad with you for another property - your ads seem to really work! Thank you!

—S W

What a wonderful service! I advertised the room this morning, and secured a tenant this afternoon - brilliant! Thank you all so much for your efficient service

—D T

I would definitely recommend It takes all the hard work out of the worry of renting a room out. The 1st week we didn't get anybody through the door but plenty of people clicked on the advert - as soon as I upgraded to a bold advert, I was inundated with phone calls and viewings. Many thanks for an excellent service.


It's a great service for me. Has kept my room full since Jan 2009


Excellent and rapid response to our advertisement on your website, all aspects worked so efficiently. Both parties i.e. ourselves and the tenant very happy. Terrific website service and brilliant value for money. We won't be bothering with any other advertising in future, just you guys. Thanks


Like dating before it, picking a new flatmate online is actually remarkably painless... So I signed up to Spareroom. I showed three girls round and chose the first two. It was brilliant. It might just have made my year.

—Eleanor - The Independent

I think you guys are brilliant. Already got two people coming to view. I have reccomended you to so many people. Its really not often these days that something is as good as it claims.


I think you guys are brilliant. Already got two people coming to view. I have reccomended you to so many people. It's really not often these days that something is as good as it claims.

—Maria M

I have had 4 lodgers through your website over the last 2 years and have recommended it to many people!


I just wanted to say thanks to you and all your colleagues for helping me find a lodger for my spare room. In the month or more that it was listed, I have had had 32 conversations with 'possibles', and countless telephone calls as well, so the response has been phenomenal. And now I have found someone who seems just right for me in every way. So a big thank you, and I won't hesitate to recommend you to a friend, or to come back to you if ever I need to.


I filled 6 out of my 7 rooms through you. It has been the most fantastic place to advertise and shall always use you in the future. Hopefully it won't be for another 6 months now as they are all on contracts. The callibre of the applicants was brilliant and they are all very happy together. Thank you for everything.

—C Y

We have used SpareRoom every time we needed a lodger - we have had some permanent and some just staying for the summer. Of all the 6 people we have rented a room to they have all been great. The good thing about SpareRoom is that you can list what you are looking for and also make sure that your prospective lodger knows all about yourself. I've told everyone about SpareRoom. My sister is using you at the moment to find a lodger and I'm sure I will need you again in the future. I've tried some of the other rent a room sites and they dont even compare to yours


Just a note to say what a good service this website has been for us this week. We had more than ten times the responses here than on gumtree with none of the hassle. It has the feel of a service run by people who've been there, done it and know all the pitfalls of becoming and finding a housemate.


Old tenant left in rather a hurry... helped me fill the room again and it took just 3 days. That's right...THREE DAYS! Incredible! Thank you everyone at - you've got a fabulous team working for you

—Anna M

I can't believe the response to my advert! So many lovely people - my only problem was letting down so many. Just one day and the room has gone to someone I'm sure will be perfect. Thank you. I think the fact that you allow advertisers to use as many words as they want makes a big difference. I'll definitely use you every time from now on. I also found the website extremely easy to use.


Amazing! I found someone within hours of posting the ad - I didn't think it could happen again as the same thing happened 6 months ago when I first used your site.


Thanks so much,we had so much interest!! We filled two rooms in 3 days.Amazing.We had lots of enquiries.Great system,we can find out what our lodgers like and dislike and they can do the same with us.I wish i had an extra 6 rooms because i would have filled them within a week!! Thanks once again.

—A T

Ok, so I know the accommodation I have to let is very nice, but for the both times that I have used to advertise it, I have had immediate response. Posted my ad first thing Saturday morning, the calls started mid morning, viewing arranged and by 3pm a choice of 2 tenants. Great result. Kind regards Jayne


I got a great response to my ad on

—Victoria - Evening Standard

Thank you Spare Room. I found a lovely tenant very quickly who was in desperate straits as she has a dog - sadly very few landlords will take pets but I have never had a problem renting flats to people with dogs. I also appreciated your sound advice about pricing my room when I called up this morning.

—Julia S

I rarely do this, but just wanted to say that your website was really bloody good!!! Thanks for the help, got someone in 7ish days.

—H Capper

Amazing! I found someone within hours of posting the ad - I didn't think it could happen again as the same thing happened 6 months ago when i first used your site.


Testimonial! Once again, SpareRoom has found me a good tenant within 24 hours - many thanks for an excellent service as always.


I have used spare room for a number of years and would highly recommend the site. Two rooms occupied and plenty of interest. Thank you very much

—David F

We were thrilled to let out our room within 24hrs of posting our ad on your site - we will recommend you and certainly use you again in the future Many thanks

—G C

Thank you for the professional way the site has operated. I have obtained 3 lettings through your site and they have all been good contacts. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.


Just wanted to thank Spare Room. Our advert went up on Saturday and by Monday we found a lovely tenant. We were inundated with enquiries from lots of lovely people - who had some horror stories to tell about ghastly places they had visited. Thanks again.


SpareRoom never fails to please, I had so many interests in such a short space of time!! Takes the stress out of finding tenants!


Dear Freya and Gemma, I've been very pleased with my experience and will not hesitate to use the service again when I look for another lodger at Christmas time - this is because one of my lodgers is staying for 3 months only. In all it took me 10 days to find suitable lodgers, who both came along after I had upgraded, as did a few other enquiries that looked as though they might have proved fruitful had I not already found suitable lodgers. So thank you very much staff, you run an excellent show. Kind regards, Gillian Staerck


Your site was brilliant, easy to use and helpfull advise available. This is the first time I have had a lodger and looking through other adverts I was able to see the kind of lodger that would best fit in with our needs. We have a nice friendly lodger and we are all very happy thanks to you. I was also able to look for info on the needed rent book and tax info thr your sight, all made very easy. All sorted in under 2 weeks. Many thanks


Thanks to Spareroom I have filled our vacant room on the first viewing! Thank you for saving us from an empty house panic! :)


Dear Just a quick thankyou and appreciation of your site and service. I've managed to get several people wanting my rooms in a very short space of time, and would have no hesitation in recommending you. I found the phone app and the email contacts particularly useful. Special thanks to Paula, Amelia and Jim for sorting out the unwanted spam text - more evidence of your quality service. I will certainly use you again. LInda Jones


Thanks to we had 9 viewings for 2 double rooms tonight and let both - only advertised 2 days ago - ace website

—Clare R

Just to say thanks for a great service and really easy to use site. We now have an ideal tenant for our spare room and will certainly use your service again in the future and would recommend your site to others.

—S B

In our view never fails to deliver, usually within 5 days!

—Clare R

Thank you for the clear instructions for deleting the advert, I have just completed it now. Thank you also for your web site I have found a great flat mate who has signed an 8 month contract so after that I maybe using your service again! Many thanks again for your help

—C B

I advertised for the 2nd time on Spareroom when 2 double rooms in a flatshare came up, having originally I found out about the site by recommendation. The first time I used it we'd let the place within 3 days ? but, of course, we wondered if it might be beginners luck. Not so! The advert generated an incredible interest level ? we had 9 viewings on day 1 and within 36 hours of the advert going live both rooms were let. I wish I had more rooms based on the interest level we had!

—Clare R

SpareRoom is clearly a well used website and it integrates with Twitter and Facebook, so you can spread the word through social media. The people looking for rooms appear to be serious (not time wasters) and we will certainly use it again as well as recommend it to others

—Clare R

i just ADORE YR SITE AND ALL OF YOU GOT A WONDERFUL TENANT THIS MORNING AND another wonderful one is too late thanks for yr great help i feel quite safe and secure using SPARE ROOM and i am 80 yrs old widow and never a prpblem quote me if you like margaret


Thankyou so much, I found my lodgers within 1 week of placing my ad with you! I have already given your website address to two of my friends and told them how helpful the site is.


I would just like to thank you for providing such an excellent service. I have previously found a place to live through your website, as a lodger. Having then bought a 2-bed property earlier this year, I quickly found my first lodger for 6 months and have now found his replacement quickly through you guys. Kindest regards Mr S Tanna


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the excellent service you provide. The caliber of flatmates you have on your site exceeded my expectations. The easy to use site and service is second to none and I have been so impressed with my whole experience in using your site. I have found a lovely new flatmate with minimal effort and it's all thanks to I genuinely cannot thank you enough for your efficient and excellent service. Thank you!


I was really impressed with your website, particularly with the way it automatically throws up matches for one to pursue.


I only advertised my room on Saturday when I joined the site, and I have found someone straight away to rent my room!'s been a great success - thanks!

—J R

I have had a response and someone is due to move into the spare room this week. This is a great website and I shall not hesitate to recommend it to any friends/colleagues who may wish to advertise! Regards

—R B

fantastic service i have found a lodger and had stacks of interest i have recommended you to lots of mates


I have found the site user friendly, responses were all efficiently delivered and received. My 3 rooms were filled within 10 days. I will definitely use SpareRoom again, super site and very reasonably priced when compared to the fees I would pay an agent to get tenants into my rooms.


Another good lodger, so success again via Spareroom.


just wanted to let you know that your site is very professional and an excellent way if advertising my spare rooms. very happy customer samantha


Just a brief note to say that I only signed up (as a landlord) two days ago and so far have found your service brilliant and above all efficient. I have been able to safely send and receive emails via your website and the design and layout is user-friendly. I only wish I had found your website a few years back; I used Estate Agents to find a lodger previously and it was a nightmare. I have much more control of the process this way and I have used my "Skype" to "show" my flat (and myself) to five people, this morning, in just over an hour!! Well done!

—Karen T

Thank you so much for helping me find a tenant. Spareroom is definititely the best way to look for tenants

—J A

Hi guys, Just to let you know we managed to fill our two vacant rooms with two new tenants, the first after a week and the second after about two weeks. We will definitely recommend the service to others Regards Glyn Abba


Dear Gemma, First time I have used SpareRoom. Excellent, and easy to follow website with plenty of tips and info. Had two separate Bold Ads. First filled within six hours and second within 5 days. I shall certainly use you again and have already been recommending your services. Best Wishes Charlie.


the room has been taken for the next few months, thanks to your website!

—F H

The room took just four days to let and I could have let it several times over, so I am very pleased

—J T

This is a great www site. Thanks for your help. I will be using this again in the future. I had a great response and i found a new flat mate within 6 days cheers


Just wanted to say how fantastic your website is. I have managed to let out all my rooms in such a short space of time. The response I got was fantastic. I will definitely be recommending you and will use you again when I need to find replacement tenants. Thank you! Sharon

—Sharon E

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with this site. I advertised a room to let at 10am and by 2pm it was let, deposit paid! I received 2 offers and had at least 10 others calls after I had let it. All decent sounding professional people. Brilliant and free! Thank you

—Emma D

thank you again as ever for helping me find a lovely lodger Estelle


Just to say thank you for being a wonderful help. I found a new lodger through the rooms wanted. I also made contact with someone else who wanted a room, but needed something bigger than the room I was offering, but we stayed in touch!!! Good work. Ruth


Hi Gemma. Great site, again i have a new lodger, within three days. thank you jen.


Thank you SpareRoom, amazing response. I will definitely use your Earlybird upgrade next time

—Rob R

SpareRoom's site is my favorite, as it is clear, simple and straight forward. Even if I am not a landlord as such, still I would like to say that many of my friends, and my tenants love to use your site again. Overall I must say that 99% of the time, tenants moved in my house have turned up from Spare


Thanks for the use of your site, superb response and now found a lodger, cheers

—A T

I have rented my room within 3 hours. Thank you very much! Great website, easy to use! Well done!

—Elena S

Just to let you know, I have now let my room. Also, just to say you have a great website - I think I could have let my room out 4 times over and more ! Can I just hide the details until I need them next time ? Many thanks. Sue


Many thanks for your fab site, service and staff! You've done it again and found my third lodger and not only that she wants to rent for two years which offers me financial stability. Keep up the good work and once again my sincere gratitude Angela


Thanks for all the time and hard work you put in to providing an excellent service. I really like how user friendly your service is at a great price

—Michelle, C

Thanks for the follow up we have now let it and will definitely use you again.

—J M

Hi, I have just rang your office to reactivate my ad... I wanted to say you do an excellent job! The phone was answered in 1 ring and the telephone operatives are always very friendly and helpful! Keep up the good work, Hi, I have just rang your office to reactivate my ad... I wanted to say you do an excellent job! The phone was answered in 1 ring and the telephone operatives are always very friendly and helpful! Keep up the good work, I have been using your site for a few years and have always found good lodgers. yours, A happy customer x


Very helpful site. I always find flat mates and lodgers on your site. Will certainly recommend when people/friends ask or are looking to rent a room. Regards Maya


Hi Gemma, Thanks. I have now let my rooms five times - one flatmate has been here two years. The other four have been three- to six-month stays. Previously, I have had about six week's notice and the 'free' ad has sufficed. but this time I was given less notice and the 'Bold' ad worked well. One flatmate was from a local ad in the Mall, and he brought trouble with the police. The flatmates coming from SpareRoom have all been trouble-free and a pleasure to have around. I don't know many people renting out rooms, but I have recommended SpareRoom to the two that I have spoken to about it. Thanks for your help. All the best, Chris. PS - I still have one room advertised.


What an excellent service you provide, I think SpareRoom is brilliant. I would be very happy to recommend you to friends looking for a lodger.


We think your service is great, and have already told many of our friends who are also thinking of letting a room to contact you when they are ready! Marilyn Best regards Dr. Trevor Preston and Marilyn ChandlerLand

—M and T

I just wanted to say that your site provides an excellent service and much better value for money than Flatmateclick and Easyroommate. I took out subscriptions with both but found 6 tenants at no cost through your site. I also really like the viewing stats feature.

—S H

I have again to thank you, because I have found the sharer I was looking for once again through your organisation. Having had to start looking just before Xmas the right person came along. Thanks again and I recommend your organisation to anyone looking for a sharer.

—D P

Hi SpareRoom, I just wanted to say a massive thank you! You helped my get lots of different flatmates who have turned into brilliant friends, and even found my now boyfriend (of 2 years) through your website. I can't thank you enough! Kirsty


I have always had nice people from SpareRoom, and have have recommend it to several others who are equally happy with you.


One of the best sites I have used - hopefully won't be on it for much longer if I find a flatmate soon!


Just to say thank you for finding me 2 lodgers so quickly. If I need to re let in the future you will be my first port of call. Many many thanks. Eileen Webb

—Eileen W

Dear Spareoom, Thanks for your excellent site. We had many many replies and found the perfect person during a very tricky time. The site works well and any support we needed came extremely quickly. A great sevice, well done. I will definitely use you next time! Regards Mark


Just wanted to say that I think this site is fantastic. I rented my spare room with it last time in under a week and have just had some excellent responses to my latest ad. Thank you so much for making it so easy to navigate and set up.


This website has been very helpful, hours after placing advert I was bombarded with calls. Spare rooms is absolutely fast, efficient & effective. Thanks!


I have been using your service for almost 3 years now, I have complete confidence that I will shortly find my 6th good lodger


We were very pleased with the response we got from our advert on We could have let the room many times over as we had over fifteen people interested. We interviewed four people in the end as we wanted to make sure we had the right person to fit in with us and would wish to live with us. Many of the interested prospective lodgers said it was the photos and the description that won them over. I did tell one that after reading my description I would want to live with us!

—Heather W

Gemma, Gemma, Gemma, Your service is excellent, thank you for reminding me about your site. But because it is so good, I always keep my advert ready and use you every time. My friend also has great success with you in Chichester and my daughter got a room in Southampton recently for her University working year. I confess to having tried other web sites, but never found them anywhere as good as yours even for putting on my advert, never mind about any responses I get. So now I stick to you. Regards, Mike ps as I am such a fan, would you like to go out to dinner with me? lol, one has to ask!!


I think you offer a lot of tips and email alerts to help connect people in what is usually a really crazy rental market here in London. The prices for bold ads are also very reasonable and worked well for me to get some viewings or messages.


Found a fantastic tenant via your website. Have used the site before and find it easy and very successful. Thanks

—Tricia S

SpareRoom is an excellent website to advertise available rooms. Thank you!


I've been impressed with the response from your website and as a result I expect all my rooms to be taken by the end of next week.

—D A

I just wanted to say thank you so much. I found the perfect lodger and I had quite a few stipulations - eg Monday-Friday & ideally long-term, amongst other things. We are both delighted. I'll also be telling friends how excellent SpareRoom is! Thanks again

—Louise M

My current lodger had viewed the property within 4 hours of the advert! I also helped another person find a better sited landlord and got flowers and chocolates as a 'thank-you'. I will definitely advertise on your site again


Hi Gemma, Just to let you know that I have now used Spareroom a few times and each time have been successful in finding suitable tenants. I have advertised on other sites as well and have found them tedious and unreliable in comparison. Thank you for the service. Kind regards, Aleksandra


Just to let you know that I have successfully found a tenant for my spare room through your advert. Your service was excellent and I would use it again and highly recommend you.

—P R

Amazingly simple website to use. Very clear quick and efficient. Easy to use. well done. Rented 2 rooms in 4 days. To be recommended to anyone and used again Fabrice


Nothing specific other than the spareroom website is the best/fastest/cheapest way I have found to rent out a room.


I have nothing but good experiences from using your website. Over a 2 year period I have had 3 lodgers, one who left to go back home to Italy and the other two are still with me!


Excellent site, easy to use and always gets me a tenant


Thank you very much for a brilliant service. I have let my flat within a week.


I have used SpareRoom since 2008 and have always been successful in finding lodgers within a week or two


I would very much recommend this website to anyone who is looking for a lodger - I have used other websites and they were hopeless. I have had great success in finding not one, but three great lodgers and all within a couple of days. This website is very easy to get around and is user friendly; it was well worth the money and I would recommend it to any landlady/landlord. Thanks for a great service and your help

—Donagh D

Flat let within 48 hrs thank you spareroom


Many thanks once again - SpareRoom is amazing - I had so much interest and found a great bloke (hopefully) within three days

—Lesley B

I just want to say how wonderful I think is as a service. I've been using Spareroom for 7 years and every time I find someone promptly. Also this time round it's been really great, as I've been in America and needing to fill my room in my London flat online (with the help of a very lovely lodger who I found through Spareroom) earlier, but thanks so much!!!!! I love!!!!!!!


t's a great service.. I have been using for many years now and never have any problems finding a tenant. Maybe have an option for short lets / holiday lets (less than 6 months) as well as long lets and Olympics? Just a suggestion. Thanks


Great service - this is the second time a suitable tenant has taken my accommodation.

—A B

Very effective, already had contact only a few hours after posting the ad. Thank you!


I recently used your service and was very impressed. In fact, I was simply amazed about the number of leads it generated - more than enough to fill my flat twice and probably treble over!

—Karl B

Thank you very very much indeed. I have found one very good lodger from your website. I am eternally grateful.

—I M

Just wanted to say your sight is awesome and wanted to just say thanks for the great job you guys do!

—T P

I love the idea of a website and message system is very efficient. Excellent service and quality people have been visiting already. Thank you


I pleased to say that thanks to your excellent service I have now found a new lodger. I will advise my friends to use you as its been most helpful. Cheers

—B C

I have always used Spareroom with good results and get nice people. Thank you for your service.


I have had six requests to view. This is fantastic!


Your website is excellent. I have had two very different but both brilliant lodgers through using your site. Sad that I will have to ask my lodger to leave soon as I'm selling my house.


Very positive experience. The couple who rent our room from Monday to Thursday are absolutely lovely, polite and considerate. Great result.


Your site is excellent and I have found some great lodgers from you site, many of whom have become good friends. Thank you.


Seems to be working well. Have had 6 enquiries within a few hours, and they all seem like genuinely good flatmate prospects so I'm very happy.


Thank you for a very efficient service, I am very satisfied and am sure I have found a good lodger who is just moving in.


I am very satisfied customer. Thank you for your great service, I get at least 10 replies a day for my advert.


I think you do a great job. The site is easy to use and I have never had any trouble filling the flat with Spare Room. If only the tenants themselves were as straight forward!


Once again I have been successful through spareroom advert in finding a suitable occupant. Thank you so much for you help.

—P R

I found my first tenant with your site - it's easy to use and there is always help at end of an email.


I love @SpareRoom. Rented another room within 6 hours of ad going live!

—Liz M

Spareroom works I have advertised and had two viewings in a few days another one is coming on Sunday and you get a better type of tenant so well done Spareroom


Many thanks I had loads of interest and have found someone to rent my room. What a great service.

—S L

Just to say that what you do worked well and I had my lodger within 24 hours - somewhat of a record I should think. Thank you


Thank you SpareRoom. I decided to let out my spare room 2 years ago to help me with my mortgage payments. As a single mum I was a bit wary but SpareRoom is set up in such a way that I can find out about potential lodgers before even meeting them. I have now had 4 different lodgers and they have all been fine. I am just about to let to the 5th and couldn't be happier with the service.

—D H

This is the second person I have found through SpareRoom. The first one has now moved out to live with her boyfriend, and in one year we have become very good friends. The second one seems very nice too. Thank You SpareRoom, I will always advertise through you should I need to in the future


Thank you for your brilliant service as I could have let the room a few times over


I find your site quick easy and user friendly, the small charge to contact potential tenants is well worth it


great, got lots of responses! and have a room mate now. thanks.

—L J

I am so delighted in finding my perfect tenant using your website, I've been using it for the past few years and I always seem to find very good, honest and respectful tenants, I'm very pleased.


Brilliant site. Always use you to get my rooms taken. Had quite a lot of interest already and only been on since Saturday afternoon. Thank you Amazing way to allocate rooms. Cheers. Hope to let room very soon.


I just wanted to say thank you - the quality of the applicants from the this site has been good and although I am still rooting through to find the perfect flatmate - I would recommend this site as its better to some other I had tried to use !

—T B

Love the site, been using it for 2 years and always found perfect house mates. Really easy to use to which saves time for everyone.


I think your web site is one of the best. I may only have had one enquiry direct. But He is coming on Tuesday to look at the room

—D H

Room let already! Fantastic way to get a lodger!


It is a brilliant service, the only one that I use as I have always had great tenants and a great response each time I put an ad in. Cheers!!


I just thought I'd send you a quick email to let you know I put an advert on your site, and very soon, had a few enquiries. The lodger I chose has been with me now for 14 months, and he's been absolutely brilliant. It's worked out really well. he works full time, and is friendly and helpful, pays on the dot every month. He is very unobtrusive, I hardly know he is there. I am hoping he will be with us for a while longer yet, but I would certainly use your site again in the future, thankyou.


Both my lodgers were very respectful and professional. I would certainly recommend SpareRoom


I was looking for a flatmate for our 3 bedroom flat in Clapham and heard about Speed Flatmating from a friend. For us it was more important we found a friend, not just a person to fill a room, and these events makes it easier to find the right person and with less hassle than spending ages trawling through ads online. I had a great evening and even made a couple of really good friends, as well as getting an awesome new flatmate. I've since been back to look for a new house and had similar success. I would, and have, recommend these events to anyone.


Just to say a big thank you for a superb service and a brilliant website. We found our tenant within a week and both the individual responses as well as alerts from people looking for accommodation were easy to access and most helpful. Hope you always keep up this high standard of service - it is rare to find such good value at such a reasonable price.

—Martin Y

Just to say thank-you again for this fantastic site. Have advertised with you before - and each time have found really lovely tenants through you.

—C M

Your advert is viewed all over the world, and prospective tenants from India Canada, and Europe are able to contact me. Brilliant!


Many thanks Spare Room. I have successfully found 6 tenants in the space of one week. I am truly impressed with your website. Good job.


Hello my room has now gone, website has been amazing had loads of really good applicants. Many thanks

—G K

I?ve been delighted with the service SpareRoom offers. When I registered I received a very kind email offering help. This was a novelty to me as I had previously registered with 2 other sites which happily took money from me but never provided any assistance nor any enquiry! I was a novice into the whole area so I really appreciated being able to talk to somebody who could guide me through the whole process. And best of all, it took me less than 3 weeks to find a suitable lodger. I would happily recommend the service to everybody wanting to rent a room. I only wish I had come across it earlier!


SpareRoom has helped me find three tenants in the past and has really worked well for me - they have all been lovely people and I haven't had any problems. Many thanks for your excellent website


Upgrading to Early Bird/ bold advertising really did help. We could let straight away. We had so many very nice people to choose from for the flat. I must say that the service on this website is absolutely excellent.


This has been a very positive experience. I have taken in lodgers for many years but using SpareRoom was the quickest and cheapest way of finding a new lodger


it has always worked for me sometimes slower than others but every time I advertise I get a tenant. I actually upgrade for all of the previous reasons


just to say,looked on your site,just for interest [as needed a lodger] saw an advert,for someone needing a room, bingo, she has moved in and all is going well. Will be needing another lodger in july, so wont hesitate to use your site again.

—P B

Spare room is the best web site to find a lodger, and I would say I have found a lodger every time with SpareRoom. The other sites don't update and give correct dates which make you think people are looking when in reality the adverts are 6 months old and the people have found lodgings or they don't reply which I find to be very rude. I would not hesitate to advertise with Spareroom as preferred choice again. Thank you SpareRoom.


Spare room is the best web site to find a lodger, and I would say I have found a lodger every time with SpareRoom. The other sites don't update and give correct dates which make you think people are looking when in reality the adverts are 6 months old and the people have found lodgings or they don't reply which I find to be very rude. I would not hesitate to advertise with Spareroom as preferred choice again. Thank you SpareRoom.


Next time I need someone for the room, I will not hestitate to contact you. I think the whole package and the back up service has been excellent throughout.


yet again an excellent result from your website - found someone to rent my room in 5 days. Your site is far better than any other house share website and I would recomend it to anyone


yet again an excellent result from your website - found someone to rent my room in 5 days. Your site is far better than any other house share website and I would recomend it to anyone


I think this site is good for getting rooms rented out. I have had all my rooms rented and had great people staying with me thanks to this site


I would like to say a big thank you as I have been successful in finding housemates. It is an excellent website and a brilliant service. Thank you again.

—Su K

Hi all just to let you know I think your website is GREAT! Easy to use, great value and I feel as if i'm in safe hands. Long live! and thanks for helping me find great lodgers.


Someone contacted me about renting my room within the first 24 hours so for the 2nd time of advertising on the site I am very happy with your service


hi all just to let you know i think your website is GREAT! easy to use, great value and i feel as if i'm in safe hands. Long live! and thanks for helping me find great lodgers.


I'm an owner/occupier with just one room for a lodger, so I'm not a "frequent flyer", but would just like to say that I've had 3 lodgers in a row from in the last 2.5 years and they've all been great. So thanks for the service - I've tried other sites, but yours outstandingly gets the best results

—Sandre J

We have succesfully rented out two double rooms in our family home in less than two weeks, and are very much looking forward to a happy and harmonious and much fuller household. We have been delighted with the website and all the functionality, and will definitely use it next time we are looking for housemates.

—Francesca F

I would just like to say thank you again for supplying us with a tenant. Cant believe how quick this time, placed the ad, had a phone call within the hour, sent e-mail with photos had a yes please on the phone there and then pending references and viewing. Job done. Thanks for a wonderful service.


I can not praise spareroom highly enough for the quality of lodger that I found through your website. Well Done!


Thanks for excellent service, I found a great tenant very fast.

—G D

The last time I used SpareRoom I placed the ad and 20 mins later a viewing took place and the tenant moved in an hour later..... Wow !! I have to say the best tenant I have ever had, and a long and lasting friends will be had from now on. Unfortunately the tenant had to move away for work but we still keep in contact and meet up from time to time.


Hi Just to let you know your service is brill room went within 36 hours I have let all know how efficent and painless your site is.


I just wanted to let you know that within 24 hours of placing my advert on here,I have a tenant!- fantastic . Thank you so much.

—A H

Great service, always happy to come back when I have vacancies!


I would like to thank you for finding me a lodger for my spare room for the second time. Each time it only took 3 or 4 days to find a lodger.I would reccomend to anyone. The first lodger only left because his work placement had come to an end, he returns to Yorkshire next week and new person moves in this weekend. Thank you. Lyn


It's a very successful way of advertising for a lodger, this is the 3rd time i have used


I just want to Thank you for having such a fabulous site!!!. I have found two perfect room mates in just a couple of days. I am going to recommend you to everyone I know. Shann Summerfield


Hi Rebecca, Just a note to thank for enabling me to find the most suitable lodgers.My 1st was probably the best lodger you could ever have & now am moving on to a 2nd one.:-)


Just wanted to say many thanks again. 3rd time in 18 months I have used you and every time a great response and the room goes in just days. My ad was even a free ad this time just to test the water and a great new flat mate is moving in later this month. Super web site and great service.


Just wanted to say many thanks again. 3rd time in 18 months I have used you and every time a great response and the room goes in just days. My ad was even a free ad this time just to test the water and a great new flat mate is moving in later this month. Super web site and great service.


I would just like to thank everyone involved with the web site as it is a great site and very easy to use and once again found a new tenant within days thanks again Ken


Thanks to the great service offered by Spareroom, I found the perfect tenants in less than a fortnight.


I have successfully found my second lodger through your service. My first lodger has just found a new place to live through your service. It is clearly the best service on the web. Thank you! We are all very pleased!


I've just advertised a flat on spareroom. Great website. Really user-friendly. Lots of helpful information and links. I'm not a property company, Also the person I spoke to on the phone when I had a query was helpful and personable. I'm not a property company, just someone with a flat to let next door, so it was important to me that I found someone who was really nice, as well as reliable. I had about 15 enquiries within 24 hours, showed the flat to three of the first four (I didn't want to waste the others' time until I'd given the first three a chance) and all three were delightful. The only trouble was then deciding between them! Many thanks for your help. I won't hesitate to recommend spareroom (a friend recommended it to me in the first place).Thanks again


Found the service incredibly useful, incredibly swiftly.


Dear.... Hello. Thank you for your avdertising in your site. We found tanant within 24 hours. Thank you very much. Bikhu


Your site is amazing! Ever since i have used it i have rented the room in a few days! also very nice people, who i will always be in touch with, now they have moved on. Thankyou so much for a wonderful free service. Dorothy La barre


Thank you so much once again for your support. We have been inundated with so many people wanted to share our home. Your web-site - the feeling is safety and integrity compare to some other web-sites. Technology is great but also we have to acknowledge risks especially when people coming to our homes. BUT SPAREROOM EVENTS areas great because we meet prospective flatmates first before they come and see us. Also we meet lots of people at the same time.


A great place to find your flatmate - easy site to use.


Just wanted to say thank you for being a great web site and allowing me to find 2 excellent lodgers!


I find that you offer a good service with thousands of people looking. Well done Spare Room


Dear Spareroom, I was recommended to your site by a previous user. I was a little anxious about the process, but found your information very helpful. After placing an advertisement, I was surprised to receive many enquiries within hours. The room was let within 24 hours! Thank you and I will be using the site again, and have already recommended you to others. Kind regards Lucy


Upgrading didn't make any difference. I believe the price was what made our room appealing. We were one of the cheapest. The service you provide is brilliant! You make finding a flatmate cheap & easy. Communicating is easy. Well done to you all. Xx


I think your site is amazing. I have rented my room out several times and you never fail to find me the ideal housemate! Thanks so much! xxx

—K G

I just wanted to say Thank you! Because i upgraded to Bold and within a week i got a perfect lodger, i used to use gumtree which may i politely say attracted lodgers that did not meet the requirements that i wanted at all. If i need another room to let to a lodger i will definitely use this site! kind regards Guya


Hi Holly, Just wanted to thank you for your advice, I have now let my room in less than a week! Very pleased with so thanks! Kind regards Sophie


Thank you for your help i got all i wished for some lovely tenants and will recommend you to everybody when the need arises

—G P

Just wished to say thank you for a superb service as I have just successfully rented my flat through yourselves.


I had a reply on the day that I placed the ad and they took the room the next day! Result!!


I received my first enquiry less than 24 hours after advertising my room with

—J B

I have to say I've had phenomenal interest, so much more than I had anticipated. Thank you!


Thank you for all the help your company has given me with my tenant search.


Excellent site and although I got my new lodger through another site, he did also advertise with you. I did interview a lady from your site but she proved a little difficult to pin down with a ref and gave me post dated cheques ahead of her rental so I refused her. However, lots of matches received and an excellent site. I shall use you again in the future. So, my thanks to all your team for a great service. Kind regards


I would like to thank you very much - I got a fantastic housemate and I think your site is excellent

—J M

I was very happy with the site - we were suited within two days of the advert appearing and I would definitely use it again


Through SpareRoom I found a flatmate. She'll be moving in mid October! I just wanted personally say thank you for your team's work & all the updates & help that I got through. Shall use your site again. Best wishes

—S A

I cannot believe the success I've had from your site. I put my ad on this evening, and had 5 replies. The room has now been let - it took 3 hours! Very happy and will definitely use you again.


This is just to let you know that I got a call from a prospective tenant about 60 seconds after the ad went online and the chap's already taken the room! Must be a record. Brilliant service!

—David W

Put room for rent advert up on Thursday, had someone take the room two days later. I'd fully recommend @SpareRoom !

—Daniel V

Really impressed with this site, within 24 hours of posting my room for rent I have already arranged 5 viewings


I am very pleased with the SpareRoom service. I think having a video definitely makes a positive difference especially if it is a new and impressive property.


Great site, I have found a lodger within a week. Thanks for all your assistance, I'll definitely be using you again when I need to take on another lodger.


After being told our current housemate was leaving in two weeks time, I decided Speed Flatmating would be a perfect opportunity to meet our new potential flat mate and I wasn't wrong. I was nervous at first, but with happy hour at the bar and everyone wearing name badges, I got to socialise with like-minded people who were all there for the same reason. Not only did I make a few friends, but I found an amazing housemate and had a great night out! It was important i found someone i had a connection with, and the Speed Flatmating events are perfect for this. It takes the stress out of looking online!


Your site is just the best, found a lodger in 3 days - no hassle from agents etc, very clear and easy to understand, good information - thank you so much, I will recommend you to others

—B C

Finding a lodger

I have to say yet again is the number one site to find a lodger in the UK. 'Forget the rest SpareRoom is the best!'


Brilliant - one of the best things I've done. Just found my second Mon to Fri lodger - extra cash and company in the evening - what's not to like! Helen


I just want to say I have been very satisfied with web site. My first lodger stayed longer than 2 years. I got my second lodger within a week of my ad. He has been with me almost 6 months. It works. I would recommend most certainly.


Everything is brilliant! We were even able to rent out another room we weren't expecting to....we shall be back to re-advertise when our short-term lodgers depart


I thought the website was great and easy to use. I'll definitely recommend early bird, it really works!


By my experience you're the No1 go to website for quickly finding genuine lodgers, your system is a dream to navigate whilst giving you real-time updates of potential interest and messages from potential candidates.. SpareRoom certainly makes its process easy, safe and secure when linking up with potential lodgers. Thank you again for an incredible website and service


This has been so amazing, incredibly easy to use website and very suitable responses. From the day I put the ad up until the day of the new flatmate transferring her deposit has been 10 days. We are thrilled, thank you very much for a fantastic service.


I was using Gumtree for ages and wondered why nobody wanted to see my flat. I put it on SpareRoom and got 5+ messages per day. Thanks for taking a big stress out of my life of finding flat mates!


Thank you for a very good service, your website support is fantastic. We found someone within three days of the ad going up.


SpareRoom is the most sensational site for renting rooms. Advertised 3 times and found tenant within 1 day every time


I have found SpareRoom to be the most user-friendly website on the net for finding prospective flatmates/tenants and was introduced to it by a tenant who recommended it to me as being the best website for finding accommodation! Also the 'Daily Flatmate Alerts' do a lot the work for you and is a great feature; in just one click you are taken to potential flatmates/tenants that have just come in (within the last 24hrs) and are matched to your advertisement.


It took an entire FIVE minutes for me to find a lodger today with The ad went up - an email went out. Potential lodger picked up email & rang me to say 'Can I come now?' I interviewed him and offered him the room. Amazing!"


I just want to say what a wonderful site is. I always find a lodger within a week. Brilliant! I have used the site for 4 years now. All very successful.


I think SpareRoom is becoming the de facto site, judging by the chats I've had with friends. I've not even bothered registering anywhere else this time as SpareRoom was by far the most fruitful when I was last searching. You lot are certainly doing things right. A little pat on the back is deserved to your team.

—Adam S

I have used Spareroom for many years and they have always found me a new tenant whan required. They are very professional, most helpful and I can highly recommend them.


I would just like to say that SpareRoom is an excellent site, I have found another tenant for my room and I wish I had more rooms, I could fill them ten times over. This is my 9th tenant, everyone has been excellent.

—Janet and Kris

I have to say how pleased I am with I had loads of enquiries and found my ideal lodger within a matter of days. You have been so helpful and as a first time 'landlady' have made the process of finding someone painless. I would undoubtedly use you again in the future and recommend you to anyone who is either looking for a room or a person!


I just thought I would let you know what a great response i have had and how easy the website has been to use can't recommend it enough well done every one at spare room.


Just wanted to say, I've found a flatmate through the website and have found it really easy and convenient to use. The advice and information articles on here have been really helpful as well.


Just wanted to say a big thank you. I put an ad up to rent out my spare room on Thursday last week and had lots of interest within the first 24 hours. Had my first viewing on Saturday morning and the viewer loved it and took it immediately. Downloaded your lodger agreement and he has been back today to sign the agreement and is moving in as I type this. Great website. Easy to use and out me in touch with my ideal lodger immediately. Couldn't be happier.


What professional landlords have said

I would like to say how good your site is we have let 12 rooms to very good professionals and its all thanks to your web site As an agent it is a great and easy site to use. Thank you Martin & Co Bristol

—Martin & Co Bristol

I think is the most effective way to find housemates. Slick, easy to use and it works time and time again.

—Parsons Choice (Devon)

I've tried newspapers, magazines, trade newspapers and estate agents. All were useless and expensive! I now only advertise on the internet. 90-95% of my tenants (who actually sign up and move in) come from the Spareroom website. I do use other sites but they are nowhere near as good or more importantly as profitable as using SpareRoom.

—Alistair L, Rooms in Solihull

We advertise on a number of different websites and in other media trying to find and target potential tenants for our rooms and consistently Spareroom provides not only the highest amount of enquiries but also the highest quality as well. It certainly provides the best results for us.

—Neil, Franchise Partner & Mentor, Platinum Property Partners LLP

I put an ad on your website and let my studio within a week - and then another studio which came up at the same time........and have also let the room in Bristol!!

—Juliette G

I have 2 properties and the rooms have always been filled by tenants from SpareRoom. I'm so impressed by your site, the friendly staff, the bits of info I get from you, the leaflets etc. Basically, from my heart thank you for this site and you all do a wonderful job.

—N K

Brilliant site! Placed an ad with 3 different sites and this is the only one which delivered! Brilliant work SpareRoom! Have recommended you to other landlord friends!


SpareRoom is brilliant, and we really appreciate the platform you guys have created for finding good housemates.

—Gavin and Archy at Charming Rooms

SpareRoom is awesome. I now have a viewing every 15mins from 5.45pm until 9pm tomorrow. If both rooms aren't let I'll eat my deposit receipt!

—Martin S

I would just like to write a testimonial for I usually use Gumtree to let my rooms, but this time around Gumtree gave a very poor response. I only had three viewings and none of the applicants was suitable. I therefore gave the "free" option on SpareRoom a try, and I found a super tenant in less than 24 hours. He moved in three days later. I have since had about 8 other enquiries from other prospects, and they all sounded like young professionals. I am now a SpareRoom convert!!!

—Vanessa Landlord & founder of PropertyTribes

Hello, thank you for your excellent services. Here is my testimonial. Spareroom are outstanding in every aspect of what they do and how the go about it in my experience. I have successfully rented 9 rooms through them over the years. When I find a company that achieves their purpose and completely satisfy, I want to shout it from the roof tops, because it is something I aspire to. Feel free to edit this as long as it is not out of context with what I have said: And once again thank you so much for your excellent services.


@SpareRoom great service you provide . Whole house let out in no time.

—Johnny G

I just wanted to let you know that I love SpareRoom! It has helped me fill my rooms over and over again. I have to actually turn people away because I don't have enough rooms! Its the greatest site ever, so thank you all you lovely people that work there. You've really helped me and my family in many ways.


Sold again, within 24 hours...your website makes me feel the urge to buy more rental properties!!! Thanks again!


I've used SpareRoom three times and have always had several suitable tenants to choose from. It's a great way to discuss things and get to know the tenants before wasting time with viewings.

—M J

If you have a room to let go no further than @SpareRoom - advertised at 11am, let by 6pm - sorted! Absolutely brilliant website!

—Clare R

I'm a full-time property investor. I started investing in property about 4 years ago and back then I found it extremely difficult, simply because none of the local lettings agents wanted to help me let out my property on a room by room basis. They said it was not profitable enough for them and it was too time-consuming. Luckily for me I stumbled upon a website called and, as I recall, I put an ad on the website on the Wednesday and by the following Monday all my rooms were let. I've used SpareRoom ever since then and shall continue to use them in future.

—Cyril T

I have been very impressed with the number of leads I have received from SpareRoom, plus the cost for 1 year advertising is very reasonable


I have booked a years supply of advertising because I have 8 houses & need to advertise for rooms quite regularly! I think it is brilliant value for money & I always get interesting people from so thank you very much


Having been a landlord for 7 years I have in the last 12 months been operating as a House of Multiple Occupancy. Initially I was concerned on what level of occupancy I would achieve, hoping to be 75%+. I am very pleased to advise that with the support of SpareRoom I have continually achieved 100% occupancy. As soon as a room becomes available I advertise on SpareRoom and receive numerous new tenant applications virtually immediately. I have therefore no doubt that SpareRoom is the most valuable asset to any landlord and fully recommend their website and services.


I have found the service very worthwhile ESP as I have nearly 30 rooms to rent and far cheaper than local paper adverts at ?70 per week.


I advertise all my properties with you when I have rooms available. I recommend your site all the time you have the better quality tenant!

—SR -Vint Properties

We have had a great response from the advert and found everyone we have dealt with to be very professional but also friendly.

—Nikki & Jason P

Just to say a huge thanx for your excellent service just found the perfect tenant.

—Megan H

Since placing my ad yesterday morning, I have had 14 applicants in less than 24 hours.

—John L

You have got it sorted. Great site, works well, very cost effective. Filled a 4 bed house in 2-3 weeks, good quality tenants too. Top work, will you use you exclusively for my other properties. Well done.


You are all doing a great job there, and have helped not only me and my three letting houses in Belfast, but (I am quite sure) multitudes of landlords, with your efficient and reasonably priced advertising.

—Bobby D

Upgrading - Early Bird

I've moved 3 times within London & have never failed me.. it's worth the price =) Found a place within 4 days!

—Prad P

I found upgrading to Early Bird particularly useful in my search for a room. It made it a lot easier to contact people and was definitely value for money. Thank you

—Jessica M

I found SpareRoom to be excellent. Initially when I signed up it was to see what was available etc, but once I started looking in earnest I switched to Early Bird and found somewhere quite literally immediately. I'll definitely use it again if I need to and recommend it to anyone I know looking for accommodation in London.

—Alison R

Thanks guys, have been looking for three months and upgraded my membership and found somewhere in two weeks. Put that in your testimonials if you like

—Paul C

It was very good! I would always upgrade to Early Bird from now on!!!! Your service is very good and the result was excellent!


I am absolutely delighted with your service. I have been looking for a room in St Albans whilst living in Inverness and without being able to travel to see the the room. Your site has helped me to find a room with a sense of security and without danger of being ripped off. I have been in touch with my future landlord and found a lovely room quickly, easily and without stress, AND I know it's a genuine arrangement. I am very,very pleased and you are welcome to every penny of the £19 I paid you for earlybird access.


Just wanted to say big thank you for the excellent service! I'm new in London and found a place within days! The search options are great, it's very professional and informative and you easily find your way in a city which you don't know yet. The upgrade to Early Bird was definitely worth the money because you receive a great selection of rooms before the others do. Everything went super smoothly and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who's looking for a new place. Thanks!

—Conny B

Just to say that SpareRoom again proved to be an excellent way to find a house-share lodger. Very user-friendly especially using Early Bird which in my opinion is an essential option and in fact was the main reason for the success. Thanks.

—T S

Early bird was well worth it. I was able to get viewings quickly and was frequently the first or one of the first persons to contact someone offering a room. This way, I didnt suffer being ignored because people were inundated by viewing requests and emails of interests. Also, when some persons wanted to quickly let their flats I was able to quickly make contact whereas if I had to wait 7 days those places may not have been available anymore.

—Dionne B

I signed up for SpareRoom on Sunday afternoon with early bird added. The first 24 hours I got 10 responses and went on a viewing. Day 2 I had more responses than I could count and 2 viewings right after work. The third viewing was just what i was looking for and I put down the deposit right away. This is all thanks to how easy it is on SpareRoom to connect to the right people. Very affordable service!


The Early Bird was well worth it. I was able to arrange most of my viewings within a couple of days of the ad going up which made it a lot easier reaching viewings before the room had gone. The place I ended up with was due to an early bird deal. Many thanks for a great service.

—Joe M

Upgrading was the best choice. I was surprised by the difference Thank you I will be using you again Kind regards Eryca


Hi, Yes early bird helped me to find 2 persons within 2 days by seeing their contact,I could phoned them and emailed them. i will definitely use it again! Thanks Lilou


Just a bit of feedback as I've had such a good experience - A fantastic website that has helped me find a lovely and affordable place to live! The emails and customisable settings are invaluable, and without the early bird access I would have missed out on my favourite room. Will definitely use again next time I move - thanks guys!


I've had phenomenal interest, so much more than I had anticipated. Thank you!


Although I was reluctant to pay ?10 to send one message it was the perfect place and I got it ahead of the rest of the bunch. So now I see why it makes sense having premium accounts. So thanks!


Early Bird probably gave us an edge, I also think renewing the advert so that it stays at the top of the page is a good idea too. My friend is now thinking of letting a room in his house and I've passed your details to him.

—Heather W

Early Bird really got things moving to the point I was spoiled for choice - very happy with your service and have mentioned it to several friends and family . Will be back if need new lodgers in future

—A K

I had no contact until I upgraded to Early Bird, then I had several enquiries and was really pleased. Unlike Gumtree, the people that contacted me were 'good' tenants that I'd be happy to live with, often graduates and people relocating for work. The site is easy to use...I'd definitely use again and would recommend it


I would like to say that i found spare room an amazing and easy to use website which took all the stress out of finding a new house in London. After upgrading fir a modest it took me three days to find our new flat or to put it more acuatly for my new landlord to contact me. All in all a great site one i will recommend and use again.


Hi Laura Many thanks for your email Of course, Spare room was the best website in my experience - easy to use and well worth paying for premium membership to ensure you don't miss out. I found my new house the day before my membership ended! Tried other sites but they weren't as user-friendly and trustworthy, and did not have the volume/quality of spare rooms that I wanted which I did get on your website. Thanks again! Eleanor


Hi there! Just wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent service! I'm new in London and found a place within days! The search options are great, it's very professional and informative and you easily find your way in a city which you don't know yet. The upgrade to Early Bird was definitely worth the money because you receive a great selection of rooms before the others do. Everything went super smoothly and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who's looking for a new place. Thanks


Hi Gemma Great site. This was my first ever try a looking for a house share and I waited for a day or so before using early bird. I have to say that made a real difference and I quickly found a share that was compatible with my requirements. If I need to look for another share I will use your site and I'm happy to recommend following my own positive experience. Thanks Ann


Hi Gemma Great site. This was my first ever try a looking for a house share and I waited for a day or so before using early bird. I have to say that made a real difference and I quickly found a share that was compatible with my requirements. If I need to look for another share I will use your site and I'm happy to recommend following my own positive experience. Thanks Ann


Upgrading - Bold Advertising

I upgraded in the morning of 31st January 2012 and in the afternoon I had several more enquiries compared to just one previously in the last two weeks. One of these enquiries is now going to be my lodger! So upgrading is DEFINITELY worth it and represents excellent value for money at ?19.95 especially compared to classified advertising in my local paper. Thanks SpareRoom!

—Sarah S

Upgrading my ad certainly made a difference in finding tenants quickly. Many thanks

—T M

Thanks! That's the second tenant you've found for our rooms. High quality and no messing. We had well more than a dozen hits everday. Recommend the Bold Ad to anyone letting as it makes a HUGE difference and is definitely worth the money. "Gemma" is a fab resource too. We called her twice for advice and it was helpful both times.

—Jane C

Hi Gemma, Thanks for your help, upgrading to bold really helped and the enquires came flooding in within the first 24 hrs. I could have rented my room 20 times over. I now have 1 short term and another long term lodger coming end of Sept. Will definitely use this site again when my room becomes available. Thanks for your help and advice. Alison

—Alison B

It made a big difference upgrading to bold/early bird. I have since had so many responses to the advertisement, that when another room became vacant it was filled within 2 days. I have been away for a week and un-contactable, and the amount of responses that I received during that time was amazing. I will definitely be using SpareRoom again and will immediately use your bold/early bird service. Thanks for everything.


As soon as i upgraded my add, the room was let within 3 hours, amazing! I would use this service again in the future.


I think the site is brilliant. It's so easy to use and navigate around - and given that most of the services are free to use I think it's excellent. I chose to upgrade as I was looking for someone short term over the summer so time was of the essence really. In just a few days, I had found two tenants - one over the summer months and one who will be longer term from September.


I compliment you on your services. Everything was so simple, well thought through and provided a steady stream of first class candidates. Will certainly use your services again as and when needed.


Hi SpareRoom team, Just to say that by upgrading I got many more enquiries than an ordinary ad and chose the best candidate to fill the room so would definitely use an upgraded ad again. Thanks SpareRoom!


It's a very good service. Since I upgraded I have been inundated with enquiries, it really pays to upgrade - I wish I had done it from day one.

—Philippe D

I am really pleased with result of your website. I have found roommate just within 3 days. I used the Bold advert so I think that made big change.


I just wanted to say this site is FANTASTIC! I placed my bold advert on a Wednesday morning and within 20 minutes i had several calls and emails. In the end ive had 34 emails, 15 people interested and endless calls. Amazing - go BOLD! Best thing since electric windows! :)


Hi Gemma, Just wanted to say massive thanks to Spareroom, Had a call literally 30 mins after upgrading my listing. Got a great housemate and all very easy. Will recommend the service and will definitely use again. Thanks again Jon Price

—Jon P

It's ?18 for 28 day listing on - had over 100 interested parties & booked in 17 viewings! Of course rooms both let in 1 day! WOW

—Clare R

Excellent value for money, I found 3 flatmates in 3 weeks. Could have had more as there were plenty of responses - will definitely recommend SpareRoom and will definitely use again.

—Jeff B

Your customer service truly rocks :-). The site is awesome. Please find out the two people who responded me quickly and give them like a sweet award. I have used your paid services now twice and both both scenariois I was able to get a great house mate in less than 24 hours. Spareoom and Flatshare both site rocks Thanks you Ankit


Fantastic service and the upgrade was so worthwhile AAA+++


I want to thank SpareRoom because it has been cheaper to advertise through you than my local paper. My ads there were attracting the wrong sort of lodgers so I was burning so much in advertising - about ?100 over a few weeks and not finding a suitable lodger.

—M P

Hi. It was the bold advert & photos that caught my lodger's eye. He booked in without viewing and recommended me to a friend so both rooms were filled. They are both happy with their room, I'm happy with and the constant stream of interested applicants you sent.


Thank you, the upgrading really helped and it is much quicker to find someone - room filled within a week!


SpareRoom worked perfectly and the upgrade made it particularly effective. I'll definitely use it again.

—O S

Thanks to SpareRoom we managed to fill both a 6 bed and a 10 bed house in a matter of weeks! Really pleased with the response rate and how effective the Bold advertising is. Really good value for money!


The 1st week we didn't get anybody through the door but plenty of people clicked on the advert - as soon as I upgraded to a bold advert, I was inundated with phone calls and viewings. Many thanks for an excellent service.


I had no idea how well it would work advertising with you, I ended up with 13 wanting the room although I knew I had put it on at a good price. Thank you so much - it was all so easy, I will definitely use you again when the time comes and would certainly recommend you to anyone that is thinking of advertising a room. I did pay extra for the bold advertising and feel this was good value for money, top marks all round!!

—Nick C

I upgraded yesterday and instantly had an email, viewing today and verbal agreement for someone moving in next weekend


I filled the room after 3 days. I removed the listing immediately. I think it's a great website and SR provides a great service. I will be using the site again soon as I now have another room to let. It was an easy process. Please pass on my thanks to whoever is responsible for developing and maintaining it. Great job.

—Evelyn R

Thank you for your very good service. My flat in Glasgow has now been taken by one person who saw it on your website. It was in Bold display for 1 week and therefore could be accessed easily by anybody


I decided to make my advert 'Bold' and I have to say it did seem to make a difference, I got a new housemate within the week. I am very pleased and you have a very satisfied customer. If I need to advertise my room again I will definitely pay to have the bold advert right from the start


Since upgrading had lots of responses and now have three people who I really like - all want the room and I can't make a decision!!


Good value for money - I noticed an immediate improvement in numbers and quality of responses! Many thanks


Thank you so much, a great response to my ad and successfully found someone - well worth my payment - great value for money!


SpareRoom, Being new to the thorny notion of sharing our home, and to online advertising, it took me a while to get my ad right, and to manage to upload photos. Upgrading the ad definitely brought it onto the front page and then rapid responses followed. We had success through your site two months ago and found a 100% genuine lodger who fitted in fine....only he suddenly found the job he really wanted 80 miles away. Now I?m sure our new lodger will be just as genuine. Many thanks also for the supporting information and advice which have helped guide us through this potentially risky procedure.


I had a great experience using, within 24 hours of placing the ad I had arranged 6 viewings and from that found the perfect housemate. Upgrading was essential to do this as it allowed me to contact free members and also respond to people who had indicated their interest. Although I may have found someone without upgrading I imagine it would have taken a lot longer and given that I needed to find a new housemate within a month I didn't want to mess around taking ages over viewings etc. The email alerts were particularly useful as I was able to respond to any messages instantly. I would certainly recommend and would use the site again should I need to in the future.


Just wanted to say what a fab service you provide. I put an ad for our annexe in April this year and it was rented in 24 hours! My tenant is wonderful - clean tidy and causes no fuss. Many thanks for the service.

—Jo D

Well I am impressed. Bold advertising worked very well with a lot of interest, including 8 firm enquiries and 2 tenants already in place. I am very pleasantly surprised and pleased. I'll be back.


I was very pleased with the way it all went for our advertised room! I got more interest as soon as I upgraded to Bold and in fact had two potential lodgers BOTH wanting the room!! I will definitely be re-advertising when tenancy ends and will be recommending you to any of my friends who are looking for temporary or longer term lodgers! Thankyou!!

—Jacqueline T

Last year, in the beginning of the year, I felt reluctant to use your site to advertise my flat to 'part rent', as I saw that most people had a quite low budget and didn't seem the right profile. A friend did insist I should do it, as I was looking for a particular tenant for around 6 months and, within a week, I found a great professional tenant from NY through you. I had not only quite a lot of replies but also feedback from yourselves regarding potential candidates. I will certainly use you again and will recommend your service. 5 stars, well done. Extremely good value for money and most people much more polite than agencies viewers who would not even get back after seeing the flat, some of them agreeing conditions! Best wishes for all future business

—Graca A

Hi all at Spareroom. Well yet again another successful advert. Spareroom never fails to give us fantastic service and responses. Had first call within an hour of putting our room on on Bold Early Bird upgrade. We had several viewings the next day and tenants immediately acquired with all other viewers wanting the room. Fantastic as always. Thank you so much for providing this first class and very successful service and site. Very happy and grateful as always.


More than 100+ direct enquiries... Amazing, I've let 9 rooms in a week and a half!

—A M

It's absolutely revolutionised the way we let our rooms now... it's very cheap and cost effective and there are some handy little tools & gadgets you can use to monitor how well your advertising campaigns are running...It's also very easy to use. it results in probably 3 times more enquiries than I was getting before I started using the cost per click campaign...and it's working, it really really is. My lettings manager is finding that he's getting on average 3 to 4 times the enquiries that he would get for the same ad spend with another website

—A M

The use of featured ads has been great in helping us to be at the top of the page for our local area and stand out from the rest of the crowd! We have noticed a significant increase in enquiries since featuring ads and even better, we get prompted via email if we want to increase our bids for our nearest city so that our Ads reach further out! This has been a wonderful addition as those who are looking in a particular city wouldn’t usually think to search in our town. I highly recommend featured advertising and you won’t be disappointed with the service from spareroom should you need any help or advice. Thank you Spareroom for all that you’ve done to help us source happy housemates!

—Bicester Living

I am a regular user of the ‘Featured Ad’ listings, and I can honestly say that using this featured is a must. Without this option you are narrowing your audience dramatically and have a higher risk of a void periods… no-one like holes in their pockets when it comes to money. With this option you can make sure that your ad is at the top of the listings… The first that people are seeing in the area of your room/property! This can be a wide area, for example West London, or a more specific area such as Hammersmith. Look, ‘at the end of the day, when all is said and done’, if you want to make sure that your ad is seen, make sure you’re getting the enquiries in and ultimately reduce your void periods – you need this. If there is no interest and no one is seeing your ad – how can you fill it?! Featured Ads – DO IT!

—Acre Properties

Fantastic. Having your advert featured costs a little more but well worth the money you spend. I got my tenant in 3 days and had more than I wanted queuing for a chance to come in.

—Francisco C, Current Flatmate

The featured add upgrade worked very well for me, very good value.

—Brian J, Live in Landlord

I find that paying for the bold ad and pay per click is what works for me. Keeping my ad at the top of the page and allowing everyone to access my details gives me access to as wide an audience as possible.

—“Busy Live in Landlord”

I moved onto the featured ads option which I must say was excellent, you choose the amount and the ranking is decided on whoever else is bidding.

—Graeme P, Live out Landlord

Safety and security on SpareRoom

I think it is the safest and best site on the internet.


Your site has helped me to find a room with a sense of security and without danger of being ripped off. I have been in touch with my future landlord and found a lovely room quickly, easily and without stress, AND I know it's a genuine arrangement


My lodger is a perfect gentleman. I have always had a very positive result from your site as have my friends that have used it too. Well done for setting up a site that works, so much so that everyone in my experience appears to be honest


I like your site, it is easy to handle, safe and very tidy. Thank you


Our features

I cannot recommend highly enough. It is so much better than the other sites available. The 'refine search' function makes it so much easier. I am sure I will be back next time I need a flatmate!


I like very much the orange and blue boxes to differentiate between enquiries and responses. Nice touch and it makes it easier to read.

—M G

I think the iphone app is brilliant. Saves me a lot of time


As a Landlady renting out whole flats I did not expect to be able to use It was one of my tenants who used your services to replace a 3rd tenant that gave me the idea to look on your website and I am really impressed with the functionality, the buddy up system etc etc.


Amazed how easy and successful it's been. Particularly found the advice on insurance useful.


Really easy to use and update - I like the fact that it looks like you are dealing with people rather than just filling in boxes


The features obviously worked well as my spare room went immediately to a suitable candidate. Thanks.


I think you have one of the best sites for ease of use I have encountered.


Being able to "show interest" makes this site less frustrating to use than similar sites.


Excellent service. Found a flatmate within days and found the ease and privacy of discussion comforting. Will definitely use again.


This website is great. The best I've used. The email alerts and advanced search are always spot on.


Feedback on our customer service...

Great thanks for your help - its great when I call I don't speak to machines and its great when I email I always get a response quickly GREAT SET UP

—S Q

Your phone support is excellent. Thank you very much for your patience and going out of your way to help me. So much better than most help lines! Thanks again!

—M B

I would just like to say that I think your site is fantastic. It caters for everyone's needs i have used this site for the past 3 years to rent out my rooms, and to find accommodation for myself, I was given sound advice by one of your colleagues(Customer Service team)which I use all the time. You make it easy for tenants and landlords alike and I have just let out one of my rooms again today after a week of advertising on your site and I just wanted to say a big thanks.

—L B

I cannot thank Becky enough for her helpful advice in getting me a super flatshare. She is an outstanding example of high performing customer service and I have recommended your site to several people as a direct result of this

—Jeanette L

Many thanks for your service in general. I currently have a lodger, but in due course will return to your site and use your services again. I would like to add that all the contact I have had has been of the highest quality. Your service has a very personal feel, warm and welcoming, as well as extremely professional. You are consistent, but not corporate in your feel and weave together a customer service that is tough to maintain. But you do it very very well. Also access to the 'stats' of an ad is great feature to have. The options in your searches are very easily manageable, the 'online only' experience is one of great efficiency, the process invites you through it in an easy and welcoming way. Lastly, I guess is the smartphone 'app'. It is fantastic, a pleasure to use and no apparent bugs.


One final piece of feedback I would like to give is positive, everytime I have contacted the customer services team at SpareRoom, I have had a swift, professional, helpful and courteous reply, and this has been very much appreciated. I cannot fault the customer service, which is very important!!


Thank you very much for your prompt answer and action. have a very nice day!

—C B

Thank you very much for this e-mail the other day and yes I did think there was something a bit odd about this person and i binned him! I have been very satisfied with the service you and spareroom offered and I found a nice place to live.

—T O

Wonderful to have a REAL PERSON on the end of the phone. Thank you.


Always a friendly voice for advice on the phone


Your staff are SO helpful, I always use your site as its easy to use. MARVELLOUS!


Thank you for the prompt and very fine customer service. I will recommend spareroom to all. All the best


Very pleased. Very good site, I liked 'stats'. Very helpful advice on the phone, I am going to definitely use you again. Thanks a lot!

—Simon H

Most grateful for your incredibly smooth pleasant helpful service


I was really impressed with the telephone call that I made yesterday. The person I spoke to was very friendly and helpful. Once again many thanks.


I think the service is brilliant. Very customer friendly (its a change to have this) I was only saying to my husband last night how good the customer service was.


Great help from your phone line. Very patient!


You're a great organisation helping thousands of people to rent their properties, as well as to find a great place to live at the same time. Your staff are also very efficient and always ready to help


I feel it to be very efficient. When I had occasion to ring in my query was dealt with quickly and politely. Well done.


Hi, I have just rang your office to reactivate my ad... I wanted to say you do an excellent job! The phone was answered in 1 ring and the telephone operatives are always very friendly and helpful! Keep up the good work, I have been using your site for a few years and have always found good lodgers. yours, A happy customer x


Easy to use for people who, like us are not too hot on computers!!


I would just like to say that every time I have an issue to sort out with SpareRoom, it is settled promptly and fairly by your team. Much appreciated.


Thank you Shane, Everyone I have contacted or spoken to has been exceptionally polite and helpful. I would recommend your service to anyone (having used it as a landlord and as a tenant and as a landlord). I hope that you will be able to pass this on to your colleagues. Happy Christmas, Robert


Very good response to my advert. Very good response to my advert. Always helpful people on phone if I have any problems. Thank you Thank you


Very good service with polite helpful staff.


Many thanks for your thoughtful and detailed response.

—C Z

I also called and spoke to Rebecca who was extremely helpful and amazing providing the great information needed at the time. Job well done... rare these days... :-)


I'm very happy with your site and use it exclusively now for my lettings. Also, as usual your support staff responded fast last week to a query I raised and I got really good service. Thanks and please keep up your good work!


Just to say that I was hugely impressed by way your site is arranged and by the speed and usefulness of the response to my ad. I am now very wellsuited, but will use you again if necessary. My Ad is shelved. BEst wishes


That is great, thank you so much for your prompt reply and the information, it will be very useful. Most companies seem to have just ignored my enquiries so I will make sure I recommend to students and anyone I come across looking to use such a service. Regards and thanks,

—M S

It was good to find someone on the end of the phone who was very helpful and informative when I had a query


Excellent service, friendly and helpful staff, very easy process and great being able to edit advert and add photos.


Found the email response very helpful, even on a Sunday!


A big thank-you to Gemma and all the team at spareroom. I am really grateful for the hard work you all put in. I have found a lovely tenant for our flat - and - as always - your service has been amazing. We have had a lot of really high quality enquiries. Many thanks again & would highly recommend your service to anyone thinking of renting.

—C M

Whenever I am not sure about something that I need to do, I email SpareRoom and someone always gets back to me to explain.


Whenever I have needed telephone help everyone has been very helpful. Also I always manage to find a new tenant quickly.


I am glad that the service is simple, easy to understand, and offers help and advice on the end of a phone


Excellent user friendly website and support


I just want to say that since I've been using your site when I have telephoned for information your staff they have always been very helpful and friendly.


The service that SpareRoom offer is great. I have been using the site for about 6 years and it never fails me.


I did really feel that your staff were replying to me as a real person and taking my particular problems into account


Thanks for your help Carol, you have all been v efficient and I wish I had found you before I placed my ad in the local paper!

—J B

This is SUCH an impressive website/service. I have never ever enjoyed such pleasant, user-friendly support. Very many thanks.

—E F

Many, many thanks for your most helpful and informative email! The service provided by is truly amazing and cannot be improved in any way!


Just wanted to say your service and website is absolutely fantastic, outstanding and technically brilliant - well done, I will use your site again without question. Thank you so much for all your help.


I've phoned the office a couple of times with general queries and the staff have been very friendly and helpful.


I found the room I was looking for through SpareRoom. The website is very useful, easy to use and reliable. The customer service is kind, clear and willing. Mine was a very good experience.


Thanks very much. Another example of the great service I've had from you guys. Thanks again


You are providing a excellent service - keep up the good work


I am gratefully thanking you and your Team for running such a fantastic alive website. I wish you all you the best in your lives and prosperity in your business.


I had tried other sites, but find you much easier for people to get in touch, and staff being very helpful answering any questions I ask, so I will never use any other site again.


Really pleased with the response. Many thanks, I will definitely use this site again.


Site is excellent and staff helpful when I had a query. Much appreciated. Thank you.


Your site is great and the telephone support was exceptional.

—P N

Just want to thank you immensely for the tips and also for all the help I have been getting from SpareRoom staff since July 2012. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have advertised elsewhere too but I haven't received a single reply to my ads to date.

—Joyce O

You are doing a great job,

—C C

I'm very positive about the website. I'm especially impressed that there is someone at the other end of a landline who can give sensible advice. I think it is very important that you retain that aspect to the website. Humans are able to explain the gaps left by the machines. On the whole a great success.


Impressed by your prompt and helpful approach. This is the first time I have used your web site it won't be the last. Thank you.


Gemma, That's an example of excellence in Customer Service! Nice site, Be in touch soon,

—Ian R

Thanks so much Roz. I can't say how absobloodylutly great your service has been. Top class so will spread the word.


Thank you so much. I was very fussy and therefore the room took longerto let that it could've - not your fault at all and your customer service staff were always helpful and took their time to give very good advice. I will definitely use you again and spread the word.


I recently subscribed to SpareRoom in the hope of finding a place to live in the area I love on the sparsely populated North East Coast of Scotland. Just to say SpareRoom was utterly fantastic and instrumental in finding the perfect place for me to live. Through SpareRoom I was presented with the perfect home, with the best house mates at the ideal price within days of subscription! I genuinely didn't think it would be possible! I had occasion to telephone SpareRoom once and the service and indeed the delivery of the service was second to none. So thank you all very, very much and continue the good work! Certainly for me your presence on the internet and professional tailored approach to property finding was utterly invaluable.


Our iphone app

Spareroom has been an excellent service so far especially the mobile app - it's handy on the go. I've used it each time and succesfully found the most suitable tenants. Great website, great service. Thank you very much. Keep it up

—N A

I found the mobile app easy to use, the layout clear and specefic and using this app with the Early Bird service gave me the heads up on new properties and secured me a much sought after flat. Love this app! Love the service. This is the second time I have found a place to rent via this site.


Just have to say rented my room out through your site, very pleased with the responses from your site. Advertised with 2 others and had very little interest from them. Yours and the app was great.


Thank you very much for your service. I found an amazing room on the second day of using - in central London very cheap. I couldn't believe how easy was to find it, I thought it was gonna be a nightmare! Thanks once again!

—D V

Our mobile site

Just wanted to say the mobile version is brilliant thank you! Joe

—Joe M

I just wanted to congratulate you on a flawless mobile version of the site... I'm using it right now for the first time as I make my way to a viewing, and it's just absolutely perfect. Also regarding the site itself, I think it's just amazing the value you guys give for free. So thank you for this amazing platform and keep up the good work!

—Laura H

I liked that i could upgrade and pay through my mobile. It helped alot as i hadnt been paid yet so knowing it went onto my phone bill made me ok to upgrade and contact potential lodgers straight away.

—Fay & is brilliant, as your able to remain updated on your advertisement statistics. Thank you. Lorraine


Hello, i have been using spareroom for more then 6 years and i just noticed the cool new mobile site you have now which is really easy and fun to use. Just like to say thank you for keeping it interesting and keep up the good work. Best regards Amin Landlord


Hi Spareroom,,ive taken the time out to praise ur new mobi site,,much quicker n efficent for ppl on the go who work from a smartphone. Its a shame it wasnt done sooner, although better late than never. But good job thanks, ill keep u posted on the userbility


What people have said about our SpeedFlatmating® events

thank you - the site was really helpful, especially the 'speedflatmating' evening which was really well run and enjoyable. thanks,Holly

—Holly S

All the rage in London

—The Times

Not as intimidating as sitting on someone's sofa being grilled about whether you're a good flatmate

—BBC3 - Cherry Healey's Property Virgins

SpeedFlatmating gets the thumbs up from me

—BBC3 - Cherry Healey's Property Virgins

an ingenious hybrid of speed dating and that all-important flatmate interview... now there is light at the end of the flat-hunting tunnel.

—The Independent

It's a work of genius, because it recognises that it's the people you are going to live with that are important, rather than the space you are moving into.

—The Wharf

...there was something very comfortable about chatting face-to-face that beat the normal flat-hunting conversation by email via internet searches. Questions about room size and distance from the Tube seemed a lot easier without the glare of a computer screen...

—The Observer

The evening was fantastic, I was really worried I would feel stupid standing around waiting to talk to people but everyone at the event was so friendly and willing to talk...The event was value for money, ?5 for the event and drink was excellent. Will be attending the next one for definite if I have not found a room by then.

—Rachel B

Just wanted to send some feedback - I've recently used your website to find a room in a shared house. I had already done that in the past, and every time I put an "Room wanted" ad up on your site, I found a great houseshare in a matter of days! But this time was different, as I wanted to take my newly-adopted kitten with me! So I decided to go speed flatmating. Went to 3 evenings, and on the 3rd night (the North London one) I met two people who have now become my new flatmates! AMAZING. Thank you Spareroom :-)


Speed flatmating was excellent. Met a number of different people from different houses/flats to rent, in different areas, all in one location. So no travelling around the city. People with flats to rent were organised and informative - bringing photos, listing their rental amount on signs. I scheduled several appointments and ended up visiting a flat straight after the speed flatmating event - and I ended up taking the flat and am still living there 10 months later and am good friends with the girls i moved in with.


I decided to come to the SpeedFlatmating event as I realised how much time showing people around my flat takes up, and I have a busy social life so what better than meeting lots of new people in the same evening over a drink who might become my flatmates! I was surprised at how many people were at the event and how chatty everyone was - I also learned that it's ok to work out very quickly if it's not going to work out with the person who has just said hello because of budget or move in date and happily wish them luck in their search. This SpeedFlatmating event was also great because I have 2 rooms to rent out and I was able to introduce people I liked to each other to see if we could make a good trio, and have set up some viewings, so I'm very pleased! I recommend taking several print outs of your advert, and everyone enjoyed my speed tour video on my phone which I have now added to my advert. Thanks to the SpareRoom team for organising the event - simple but genius.

—Lizzie C

Speedflatmating helped me believe again, that someone out there would be interested in my flat. I'm very glad I attended. When I'm looking for a flatmate again and feeling stuck, I will definitely return to Speedflatmating.


I have attended twice, once to find a place and once to off load the place. Both times i had more fun than a general night at the pub. Mostly due to the licence to just go up and talk to anyone there. When i was looking for a place i was justifiably nervous with using gumtree due to scams. I found it much more reassuring meeting real people. Of most benefit was getting to meet a lot of people in a short time with minimal effort. I personally like to choose where I live by the people first and then the place. So it was good to see if you get along with those peddling their place. That night resulted in successfully finding a good place to live.


The event was a huge success for me. I had already spoken to a few people via the spareroom website, and arranged to meet them in person at the event. It was clear on meeting one of the girls that we got along very well; and we are still living happily together.


Basically, I moved to London about 6 months ago to start a new job and after having the luxury of being able to stay with my father for the first couple of months I did eventually want to move out. I was recommended coming to speedflatmating by a friend and after him registering us, I came along to Gigalum in Clapham South one evening. I was pleasantly surprised about how relaxed it was and I thought the setup and organisation of the event was excellent. I actually did meet my current flatmates through the event and live and get on well with them now. I was there recently as well looking for a new flatmate as one is moving out and again I had a successful evening. I would definitely come back in the future should I be looking again and I just hope it is successful enough to expand into other areas and give other people a great opportunity to network and find flatmates.


After finally giving up hope of ever affording a place by myself in the city, I resigned myself to the fact I was going to have to live? gulp? with strangers!? At nearly 30 sharing in student style accommodation really didn't float my boat, however needs must, and a new job in London meant I had to suck it up and get on with it. After looking for a little while online I saw that there was a SpeedFlatmating event in Clapham, the area I really want to live in, and thought what a great idea it would be to meet the people before the house! After all, it really is about finding people you can share with, get on with, and even make friends with. The building and the location come second to that! In all honesty I wasn't sure that I wanted to go, I stood outside and felt a bit like a prat, wondering what kind of people I ?would meet and if I'd be the only sane one! As I walked in I was greeted by a friendly face, and given a sticker to write my details on. I actually felt a little like I was at a speed dating event?! More and more people came flooding in and the event was really busy!! There were lots of different people all sporting different budgets, areas and looking for the perfect roomie. Some were in groups looking for a housemate, and others were alone and chatting away to potential new friends. I had a great evening and spoke with several people who were right up my street, we swapped numbers and am hoping to view a few places at the weekend. I'd thoroughly recommend to anyone looking on SpareRoom to attend one of these events, it really is the nicest, easiest way to find a potential home.

—Polly M

Thank you so much once again for your support. We have been inundated with so many people wanted to share our home. Your web-site - the feeling is safety and integrity compare to some other web-sites. Technology is great but also we have to acknowledge risks especially when people coming to our homes. BUT SPAREROOM EVENTS areas great because we meet prospective flatmates first before they come and see us. Also we meet lots of people at the same time.


This is the most successful house mate finding thing I've ever done and we're thrilled! We will certainly be doing the same in the future if a room becomes available again.


SpeedFlatmating nights are a brilliant idea!


I've already found a house now but loved the event and would definitely go again!

—M H R

My boyfriend (Sandy) and I both have recently moved to the UK from Canada, and so we wanted to live with other flatmates (London is pricey!) and also meet people who knew more about London. We were asking around and looking on several sites, but someone mentioned to Sandy that there are weekly SpeedFlatmating events around London to check out! We went to the event in South Clapham (we were in Brixton at the time, and wanted to stay close), and met several people with spare rooms looking for a couple. We also met another pair within an hour. They didn't have a flat either, so from there, we started looking for places together, did meet up a few times to enjoy what was left of summer in London, and eventually got the perfect place! Thanks for organising the events, they were really great, not as nerve-wracking as we originally thought they would be, and a perfect way to meet lots of people also looking to live in London.


I finished work early excited and a little nervous as i didn't know what to expect. The event was in a swanky club just off Leicester Square, I thought it would be much better meeting prospective flatmates in a relaxed environment instead of waiting at home wondering if they'll even show. I was greeted at the door and so felt at ease as i entered the room full of people. I had a single room to rent and had lots of interest, chatting to lots of people. I was looking for a professional female of any age, and spoke to quite a few.The place was buzzing and so exchanged numbers with about five people i thought would be suitable..and even had a laugh in the process. In the end I opted for a student, which I hadn't previously considered. In all an enjoyable experience that i would do again.


It was a fun night and I made a couple good contacts that I hope will come have a look at my flat.

—Karla R

The concept is fantastic


Well organised and good events to go to with no pressure or awkward atmosphere...


Safe atmosphere, friendly and clear - everyone knows what they are looking for/after


Great opportunity to meet new people, comfortable, relaxed and safe environment to meet potential new housemates


Fun and well organised


I really enjoyed the night and meeting new people is always fun. I liked the format of it being less formal and really just a drinks reception.


I have a three bedroom flat in Chiswick near Kew Bridge and it just so happened two rooms came up for rent at the same time; so I followed SpeedFlatmating advice and took photos and even made a movie with commentary of my flat. When I arrived at the SpeedFlatmating event I was given a very warm welcome by the event organisers. I started showing my pictures and movie and I received a lot of attention and it was hard to get to the bar and buy a drink! The atmosphere at the event was lively, and it seemed that people were looking for potential flatmates as well as landlords. In the end I believe I have acquired two very nice and intelligent young flatmates and I look forward to them moving in.


I attended the Speed Flatmating event last Thursday and really enjoyed it! I was looking for a room to rent as I'm starting a job in Central London, however I currently live in Devon and the prospect of hunting for rooms on my weekends off filled me dread!! The event was a fantastic way of chatting to potential flatmates without there being pressure to make a decision about the room like there would be on a normal viewing! I met a number of really nice people (both looking for a room and offering a room) and felt comfortable chatting to just about everyone...the location was great and really easy to get to. All members of the staff were fantastic, really approachable and friendly. The pricing of the event was just right; I liked the fact that confidence could be heightened with a free drink! I was so pleased I attended the event and as a result have found a place to move in to, so a big big thank you for organising the night.

—H L

Excellent service

—Mr D W

Didn't go to speedflatmating event in the end as I found an excellent room with your website the night I was supposed to go. I have recommended speedflatmating to others at work & even a woman I met on a train who was in the same position


How we compare to our competitors

It's way better than, keep up the good work!

—Richard H

I think this is the best room available site in London. It is easy to search for tenants with the criteria set. Better than Easyroommate!

—Deborah P

Once again I have successfully found a lodger for my room through This time I also tried advertising with another couple of sites. What a nightmare, difficult to navigate, longwinded to send and receive message and nothing could be done without paying very high fees. SpareRoom is definitely the best, easiest and most user friendly site and I will not be trying the other sites when I need a new lodger in future. Thank you SpareRoom


Hi Carol, I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt reply to my query earlier this week. I have advised my son to use the website as the house-share he is currently in is looking for someone. I told him last week of this website as I was so impressed to get a response within a day of posting my advert, whilst I got nothing for weeks (nearly 2 months) with gumtree. He told me tonight found the site very good and he posted an ad too. This is a real nice website, so easy to use, visually very fresh and uncomplicated. Thanks again. Kind regards,

—B C

Thanks for the helpful site, couldn't find anywhere to put a review on the site itself so thought I'd drop an email instead. If you have a review section anywhere feel free to put this in. I'd been looking on Gumtree for a room for months with no luck, as I needed to find a place that would also accept my dog. A friend advised me to check out, and within the first 5 hours I'd arranged a viewing and now I have a place. The ability to search by preferences such as 'pets allowed', 'smoking allowed', 'job status and 'age of housemates' meant that before I'd even met the other 2 lads in the house, I already knew the group dynamics would work. Thanks for being by far the easiest and most efficient place to find a room or house.


I had registered with a rival database a few months ago which, although recorded a number of 'hits' against my listing, had not really translated them into bodies through the door. However, it may also have been because I wasn't using photographs. My experience with you has been a lot more positive. The first thing is that when we had removed a listing, we got a phone call from one of you saying 'is there a problem, can we help?' This was much appreciated. The second thing that we really liked was the facilities for managing selection criteria on the database, both for us and for them. The third thing we liked was the ability of the automatically generated correspondence to break down responses and possible leads according to widened criteria. Once again, many thanks and a toast to your database architect.

—J K

So far I have been very impressed with your service. I signed up with you and one of your competitors, and by far your service is much better!


I have used two other sites to advertise my room. With poor response I decided to go back to your site, with overwhelming results. I know who to use in future!


I use 4 relevant sites and find yours the best as it is easy to read and navigate - the main tools for an efficient search and a positive result.


I've rented my room today! It has taken a while but I'd like to thank you for your great site, it's way superior to others. I will definitely be back when I need to rent again Many thanks, keep up the good work

—Jan W

Just to say a big thank you for such an excellent website together with excellent customer service. Having tried other websites I can honestly say that yours is the most clearly set out and the best value.


Nice site - easier to use in comparison to other simialar room rental sites


Thanks,Sandie I really enjoyed the Spareroom experience, out of the three site I used this one was by far the best with lots of support for some one like me who is new to this. Regards Steven


Better than Easyroommate. Far better

—Ian M

Having tried Gumtree and local free papers in the past with disappointing results, my usual tactic used to be the local newsagents. However your website has been very impressive and I already have one person viewing the room today and your continuous progress reports are a breath of fresh air


You have a very good web site, much better than all the others, keep up the good work


Unlike Gumtree, the people that contacted me were 'good' tenants that I'd be happy to live with, often graduates and people relocating for work. The site is easy to use...I'd definitely use again and would recommend it


More user friendly and up to date than other sites and better priced


SpareRoom is the best site for finding a lodger!


Your website is absolutely excellent. Incredibly user-friendly, fast and efficient as well as being secure for emails. Much better than Gumtree


I get great results from you over Gumtree so I am addicted to paying ?20 more. I should try it one day for free and not upgrade. ThanX


I found Spareroom much easier, trustworthy and much better to use than gumtree and would use the site again.

—C C

I try to advise people to use this website, I think it is the best. I have not found any other website that is nearly as good as yours, in fact they're a waste of time, please quote me!

—K W

Recently tried out which is cr@p compared to your site. I had to sign up to view potential lodgers, then couldn?t filter by M-F, then realised that to make contact, one side would need to pay an extortionate subscription so it?s likely to be a stalemate! I?ve deactivated my advert there.

—S D

Can I use this opportunity to praise you guys as for the both times I've used you when estate agents couldn't get anyone for me, I've emerged prevalent both times and managed to shock them! This time I did it in merely 4 hours and put 5 complete strangers l and like you guys say "buddied them up" and found that I didn't even need the extra "early bird" subscription but more than happy to have paid for a valiant service. Keep up the good work.


Wasted weeks advertising on AFS, placed ad here, room let in days and loads of enquiries. Easy system to use as well!


Miscellaneous feedback

I found your site after missing the advert deadline for our local paper but would never go back now as I always find someone in under a week from your website. Excellent website and excellent customer service as well. Thanks

—Nigel M

Thanks! That's the second tenant you've found for our rooms. High quality and no messing. We had well more than a dozen hits everday. Recommend the Bold Ad to anyone letting as it makes a HUGE difference and is definitely worth the money. "Gemma" is a fab resource too. We called her twice for advice and it was helpful both times.


Great site, great service. Only wish I'd got more involved with our advertising myself years ago.

—M T

I just have to say the event was great last night - you guys have the right idea


This site is a work of genius!! The Show Interest function is such a good idea - if only they did sites like this for whole-property-rentals...

—C M

Just great - love Spareroom!


Ease of use: 10 out of 10! Feedback: 10 out of 10! I used 5 search engines to look for best 1/2 a dozen or so relevant sites, and you stood head and shoulders above the rest when it came to what I wanted, i.e., results!!!


Awesome service, never disappoints!


I love using SpareRoom, have used it twice now - and will certainly be making use of it in the future. I think think the website is well designed! I find it easy to navigate - and can see that much thought has gone into the "user journey"...thank you SpareRoom.


Thank you for having the mobile version of your site. It makes things so much easier.


Thanks yet again for your fantastic service - which works every time! Grateful customer - Estelle

—Estelle is wonderful. I mean really, it worked for me in 3 days..this is a wonderful idea, than the traditional way of seeing an ad and taking up long time..this is live, interactive and much more user friendly.


You run a very good service, long may it continue!


Such a great site thanks!


Fast and good service


This is a brilliant service, effective and easy to use. I have 2 delightful housemates. As and when they move on I'll definitely use you again. Many thanks.

—Sharon P

I am very pleased with your website and thank you for the updates etc. My replies are coming through ok and I have contacted each one and arranged a viewing - it is only the 2nd week of my advert. I shall let you know the progress. Thank you, very well run and user friendly website, congratulations. rgds

—M W

I just wanted to say what a brilliant site this is. Easy to use, no rubbish ads and stuff, and a swift response to ads, thank you! x


Just to let you know that I have already recommended spareroom to several people on the strength of my experience of the site. I found it easy to navigate and very useful in screening out people so that I only had to meet a small number of possible tenants. The person I chose has worked out very well indeed. Regards

—M L

Sounds great, will be putting up some Ads next month. I really like the way Spareroom keeps in touch with me the customer, thanks for the update!

—A A

Just wanted to say a big... thank you. For helping us get our new roomie. I think the website is's easy to use and it really works so Thank you x


Hi Laura Thank you very much indeed! The site was excellent, very helpful, and has already been recommended by me to various friends and colleagues! Keep up the good work Alex


Yet again I have used this site and yet again I have had results.


I think is fab!


Thank you for the service, I thought it was really good.

—R H

I would like to commend your website as it is easy to use; the email notifications took the complexities out of finding prospective clients and upgrading my ad actually increased my sales and viewings. I enjoyed the experience thoroughly and I know many others that would also.


Just thought I'd let you know your website is great! I love how it looks modern, professional and the fact it is easy to navigate.

—H B

I must say yours is an excellent website, so user friendly and professionally run. I have never advertised before but a friend recommended you. I am pleased with the results and I shall re-advertised when I need to again.

—Z W

Thank you for all your help and for the number of replies which I have found most encouraging.

—C C

Great website...I've used it many times and always been very satisfied

—M G

This site could find you a paying lodger for that loft conversion in no time. It?s free to place an ad; the site offers to vet your applicants for their credit histories and the like from ?15

—The Sunday Times

I think your website is BRILLIANT!


Excellent and easy service.

—P M

Thanks. Second time that I have used your site, fantastic service, really pleased with the way you make everything so easy. Best Regards Valerie


I find your site really excellent and very helpful. No complaints at all.


i think is one of the most popular sites in the UK to rent and search for rooms. I have always found it a very reliable, professional and easy to use. Thankyou.


Awesome site, bloody fantastic!

—S S

Dear, I would just like to extend a big thank you. Your website has made it easy and put us in contact with just who we were looking for. I won't lie, it has been stressful, within hours of placing our ad we had so many people get in contact! Thank you very much, Coral & Steve

—Coral & Steve

I think your site is great and I'd just like to say thank you - it's a good service.

—S J

I think your service is brilliant. Emails like this - automated or manual -suggest consideration for all things. Well done!

—M S

I think the service is very good, it does what it says on the tin!


Hi Cathy! Thanks for the quick reply. I have been very satisfied with your website, it is by far the most user-friendly accommodation site I have seen. The tools for searching by zone and tube line are particularly useful, and the fact that the information on each letting is standardised. Keep up the good work! Kind regards, David


I think your service is fantastic. Keep up the good work.


Easy to use, great site will use again when I need


Thanks a lot for being such a good site.

—I M

Great easy to use very friendly website - love it!


Great experience, I had to find somewhere to live closer to work and found a great landlady and also rented my flat mid week to cover costs. Couldn't have asked for it to have gone better and we all used Spareroom to find each other. Would highly recommend.


I have to say your website is absolutely brilliant. I would recommend it to all my friends! Keep up the good work.


Thank you so much for all your help with the daily listings. I hope I will be able to contact you again in a couple of months time to ask for the same brilliant service that you and Spare Room have been providing me.

—E W

Great web site, easy to use.


I think its a great service, you should be proud of yourselves. Thanks.


Just to say your website has never failed me. Most excellent, thanks.


Just wanted to say what a great job you have made on the new format. Well done guys you should be proud of your site! Many thanks

—J B

WELL DONE! A brilliant MAKEOVER. This has improved the "perception" of the site 500%. A vast improvement. The Ads now look GOOD.

—C B

Thanks. Your website is great so keep it up.

—T W

Great website! Great service! Great repeatable results!


Thank you for your service. I will certainly use your service again

—M H

We have used Spareroom a lot in the past, and have always found it very successful - many thanks


It is an excellent website which I have used for over 5 years


I just would like to let you know how much I appreciate your service, so far it's definitely the best one I've used, looking for a room or a flatmate to share. Your website makes sense, because it enables people to post an advert and make contact for free, and I think the price for upgrading to Early Bird is the right one. Most of other services became an archive of old adverts and users who can't contact each other without paying at least £20, without a possibility of a refund, and with the worst customer service ever. Once again many thanks for the way your website works

—EK offers the prospective renter a whole lot more than the usual room for rent adverts you will find in newspaper classifieds. You will find a detailed description of any property you are interested in plus a selection of photos. You will be able to tell from these photos if the property is worth viewing or not and can easily draw up a shortlist, thus saving on time and energy dashing round viewing one undesirable place after another.

—Stella K

I was very impressed by your service - simple to use and effective. Thank you.

—S R

Just to express my gratitude for the fantastic service provided. Fast, reliable efficient and very productive.


I find the web site exceptionally easy to use, I am very happy that it works well and is easy and uncomplicated


It is a fine service at a fair price and has worked well for us in the past

—RD is the best website of its kind on the internet and it really does the job!


I actually think that the way you run the site is fantastic. You are extremely flexible. So far nothing but positive comments


The service has been wonderful, thank you.


Gemma please note that all my rooms have now been taken. Largely thanks to your excellent service - you can quote me on that! Cheers until next time

—C R

The best organised site and the most easy to use

—Anne C

Hi Carol, Thanks for clarifying for me. Love the site (simple but brilliant idea) and v impressed with the support - thanks again. Regards

—S M

Thanks and I find your service very effective.

—p m

Really great website and service thanks


I've been using it for over 2 years and very happy - dont change a thing :-)


Excellent easy to use service. One payment, no confusing hidden renewals, can switch your advert on or off according to demand. Highly recommended


Spareroom is the facebook of the flatshare world! I love the 'profile' element of listings in particular (plus the cleanliness of the design). Thank you!

—A D

Hi, just wanted to say thanks for what I reckon has got to be one of the best flatmate finding websites there is! You get so many responses (which is whats great about the site!) Take it easy, thanks again!

—M O

Brilliant site! I wanted an unusual arrangement - to rent the use of someone's kitchen very locally for a month while the builders extend my house. Bingo! Found someone 5 minutes away, with parking, practically next door to where I do my food shopping. Thank you so much.


Excellent website and service. Have also found your book extremely helpful.


It is an excellent service, visually perfect & fast. Thank you very much, Spareroom always works for me.


Great - the more I use the service, the better it gets!


Thank you once again for the excellent service you offered. I only wish all my dealings were as professional as yours.

—C Y

Always found the site very user friendly and have had good results.


Just want to say thanks to everyone at SpareRoom. Your site is by far the easiest, most comprehensive and best value on the net. Cheers - see you next year!!!


Thank you - I rate your service extremely highly.


So far a very professional service and I will recommend it to others and may be using you in the future


Your website is definitely the most pleasant, simplest and useful flatshare search website I could have found for the UK, so thank you for that.


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I would be lost without this site. It is brilliant. All your work to keep it so is much appreciated.

—M F

It's a great service - don't know how we managed before it was invented!


Awesome service


It is a very easy website to use and when I have found a flatmate in the past, I can just make my advert not live and I do not loose my advert which is good


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Overall an excelletn website and I have recommended it widely


Thanks for being an efficient and helpful website. Will come back if all goes pear shaped !


The Services provided by the SpareRoom website have proved very useful so far, and are also much cheaper to use than any other sites of this nature. So I would definitely recommend this Site to anyone else out there who is either letting a room or wants to rent one


Great service, Good website. Thanks


The site is great and I only use this one to advertise my rooms as it is so simple


Thanks, I found the site really useful and it's nice to be able to get in touch with someone directly and quickly. Thanks hugo brant

—Hugo B

So simple to get results using the site. Having interest shortly after posting & contacting suitable people is so easy & convenient, would recommend 5*!!!


Remarkable value for money. One of the best, most helpful and professionally done sites I have encountered, backed by cleverly put together emailed hints and a first rate phone helpline.


fantastic response! And have had some nice people come round. Room now taken. REgards Yvonne


I found this site through google and it delivered in its content, functionality and heavy user base. A truly valuable resource when looking for or offering rooms. Big up the Macc lads for superb coverage even in Devon & Cornwall!!


Thanks very good site, in a nut shell ... spareroom is the bees knees. I 'm always happy to come back to you

—F. S

This is the second time I have used and have been able to let my rooms really quickly - thankyou SpareRoom you do an excellent job!

—S C

I have found Spareroom to be an excellent site which provides a safe and efficient service. Thank you very much.

—L B

Thanks laura, I have to say the site is great and your team has always been very helpfull. Commendable! ?


I love your service and recommend it to anyone!


I am very impressed with the number of good people that your site produced and will use 'Spareroom' in the future. It seems to be a well run site (I will certainly never use Gumtree again).


Hi Laura Many thanks for doing that. The site was very useful anhd easy to navigate, I would use it again in future. Best wishes Laura


Thank you - what a great site - will def recommend to friends!

—J. S

This is a fantastic site! I've had so many quality responses to my ad. Thanks.


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Just love you guys. Hate internet. Detest Fakebook. But just luuuuv this site. A reason to 'do it'. Idiot proof. Fair. Functional.


Thanks for this. I am very careful in protecting our tenants and ourselves from frauds of this kind. We always check references, personally interview the potential tenant, get them to meet the other tenants and then make a decision. It has worked out very well for the past three years, particularly since I started using to get my tenants.

—A K

It was of great help especially to a novice such as me


By the way, intolondon is really a convenient site for it enables users to save their shortlists and correspondence.

—H T

Thank you very much and I love the new site

—D Riley B

Firstly I want to say thank you for such a website. Without it I wouldn't have met my girlfriend or been able to do the job that I do now. I am indebted to you considerably! (Please feel free to use that as a quote on your website)

—Oli M

What a fantastic service you provide..! There are a few 'scam' websites out there, but yours is fantastic. Even for those who don't take up the 'Early Bird' option, it's a very efficient, client friendly service.


I used this site before and had great results. Keep it up!!


It's an excellent service. I have recommended it to people in a similar situation as me and they have also used it


Love it, so handy so easy


I am most impressed by Spare Room and recommend your services very highly to others.


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I must say Im very impressed with the website, and the prices are very reasonable, I shall be recommending you to friends.


I definitely received lots more interest in my add after uploading a video, and will certainly be using the feature whenever I advertise again.

—V A

I cannot fault your website in any way. It is like my best friend. I have tried others in the past, but only had one success, and now don't bother with any others.

—Anne G

Sparerooms is by far the most professional, easiest to advertise and navigate and most successful for both parties compared to other sites I tried. You offer more details about prospective people looking for rooms rather than regularly seeing on other sites - 'not specified' which is not helpful! I am waiting for my second person to move in at a later date.


Many thanks for your excellent support in finding my new lodger, I have used SpareRoom a number of times and have found the service exceptional and highly successful.


Just a quick testimonial about the effectiveness of Within hours of placing my ad, I received over 15 enquiries, showed the first person around the house the following and he took it there and then I have used spare room 3 times over the past year and found it as equally effective I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone seeking to rent rooms. Please feel free to use this testimonial on your website and or any other marketing/advertising.


Hello there! I just wanted to say thank you very much for helping me to find my new lodger. It was the first time I had used and it only took 2 days! I was impressed to say the least! So I felt that before I sign off for the time being I should just drop you a line to let you know how pleased I have been with the whole process and to say I will certainly be back if the room becomes available again! And of course I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends! Thanks very much!


Just wanted to say thanks, your advice has been brilliant and has really helped us in choosing our first lodger. Would definitely recommend this site as I already have.

—Vic S

This site has been amazing, perfect, thank you!

—Shelagh H

It is a brilliant service, I rented my room within 20 mins from placing the ad!

—Tanis DG

Hi The website was very useful and easy to use as it was to upgrade. I received a lot of interest especially after the room was let. I have recommended this site to a few other people who are renting rooms and wouldn't hesitate to use it again. Thanks for your help. Cath


I was delighted with the service. I once had occasion to speak to a member of staff for assistance and was immediately helped. Thank you for making our first letting trouble-free!

—Clive H

I would definitely recommend you. I have found full time housemates as well as my first Monday to Friday housemate through SpareRoom and you have been really easy and quick to use, and safe.

—Zoe S, B

Hi, I just wanted to say a big thankyou for your great service. My order was placed with you on 1st November and my lodger moved in on 5th November! I wanted a Mon - Fri lodger too which suited us both but thought it would take a bit longer. Two other people wanted it too! Thanks again. Teresa Clark


Well done on the excellent video feature enhancement. Streets ahead of the competition! Awesome !

—A A

We thought it was a great idea having a video streaming system on the site. We had thought of designing our own website and featuring videos and panoramic pictures of our vacant rooms but after we saw yours it fitted the bill. Thanks for featuring it on the home page


What a great site. I found a really nice tenant within 2 days of placing my free advertisement and received about 6 enquiries. This was after advertising in local papers for 4 weeks without success. I can highly recommend this site for anyone looking for or trying to find a tenant/house share. Thank you.

—P C

I always use SpareRoom which supplies me with just the right tenants - once I have done my part of getting the wording on my advert right. You also have a good website - and excellent telephone support from your cheerful team up in the 'Sunny' Northwest (I come from Manchester.....) The rival websites are not nearly so good. I always recommend SpareRoom to other landlords or tenants. Best wishes and thank you for your excellent service.

—Angela A

Just to let you know. I have had a Mon to Fri lodger since July through your site. It works out great. Thanks

—Denise M

Advertised my room last night and it was let within 5 minutes!

—Brenda E

I have used on and off for the last 6 years and found some genuine, trustworthy lodgers in that time. I would recommend this site to any of my friends who are considering looking for a lodger. The site is simple to use and I will consider using the site again in the future.

—Jenny S

Thank you so much - have found a lodger within the space of a few days and he will move in after Easter. A great website.

—Sally W

Although I still have my current lodger here, I will not hesitate to use your website again as I found it far superior to other websites and very easy to use. I will only use this website in future.

—Dulcie M

Just have to say rented my room out through your site, very pleased with the responses from your site. Advertised with 2 others and had very little interest from them. Yours and the app was great.

Great service. Found two tenants quickly and had a lot of enquiries! Thoroughly pleased! :)

—J G

Just so you know...I have let my room now and it was through Spare Room again, so thank you all.

—L T