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SpareRoom Statistics

SpareRoom has a huge amount of data on UK rentals, from average rents to supply and demand stats and more. Check back regularly for up to date stats, insights and analysis on what’s happening in the market.

UK Rental Market Latest

Up and Coming UK Rental

May 2024 - The top ten biggest ‘climber’ locations tend to be between 7-11 miles from Central London, highlighting a growing demand for properties further from the Capital’s centre. Interestingly they’re also some of the cheapest areas to rent in the capital

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Increase in homeowners taking in lodgers

January 2024 - Data from the UK’s leading flatshare site, SpareRoom, reveals that there has been a huge rise in homeowners taking in lodgers. Comparing January 2024 with January 2021 there has been an 89% increase in new people taking in lodgers

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SpareRoom Rental Index

Recent rental market stories

  • Rebalancing the rental market - <December> 2023

    Demand for rental properties has soared, yet supply is falling. Combine that with high inflation and rising interest rates and it means record high rents. Renters are struggling, and landlords are leaving the market.

  • London becomes a ‘no grad zone’ - <September> 2023

    Average room rents in London & surrounds are at a record high, reaching a staggering £1,013 in August 2023. Data reveals that London is now entirely unaffordable to graduates, thanks to sky-high rents.

  • Nearly three quarters of renters are thinking of moving to escape high rents - <September> 2023

    New data from SpareRoom has revealed just under three quarters (72%) of renters are either actively looking (46%) to move to a new area or are considering it (26%), due to record high

  • Rental market shows signs of improvement - <September> 2023

    In July, the ratio of active renters searching compared to rooms available in the UK was 5.6, compared to 6.2 in July 2022. In London it was 4.9, compared to 6 at the same point last year.

  • One in Six Renters Working More Than One Job - <July> 2023

    17% of renters in the UK say they now have to work more than one job, with two thirds of those (67%) doing so to be able to afford their rent

  • One In Three Renters Severely Rent Burdened - <May> 2023

    81% of renters in the UK now spend more than 30% of their take home pay on rent

  • Rental Crisis Putting Lives On Hold - <March> 2023

    UK renters are being forced to delay personal and professional milestones due to rental market chaos - with rents and demand at all time highs, and supply at near 10 year low.